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The female 'Private spot' is called the vulva . . .

Within the vulva are the clitoris, the labia minora (smaller lips), meatus (peehole) and the entrance to the vagina (birth canal).
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How do you find a girls g spot?

After you have her wet through playing with her clitoris and have inserted your entire finger, you will feel it as you press up towards her pelvis/stomach. They vary in size and exact position but usually go quite firm. Some girls like them gently pressed and massaged, some like your finger to go back and forth almost flicking it. She will tell you what she likes.

Where is a girls g spot?

Every girl is built slightly different, but the G-spot is typicaly located on the back side of the pubic bone. To locate it with a finger, assuming you are in front of her, insert your finger palm up and follow the contour of her vagina inward and up behind the pubic bone. The G-spot is a slightly firm area that has a texture to it, somewhat like the surface of a walnut (just not as hard). It is out of the way in normal intercourse, frequently the only way to stimulate it is from behind at a downward angle, it does depend on the curvature, if any, or the penis or object. Again, every woman is different, so where it is located and how it affects her is different for everyone. It does depend on who you ask. Some people insist that a "g spot" does not exist but others say it does. For those that think it does exist: If feeling a woman inside with your fingers, with the tips of your fingers facing up, you will feel an area that is "ribbed" or bumpy. It may be in a different spot for different women but that is typically where it is. If you have trouble achieving orgasm or experience pain during intercourse, see your health care professional to be sure there is no physical problem, as pain-free, enjoyable sex is the goal. During sex you'll experience it just by having intercourse as long as there is plenty of foreplay and stimulation. The brain is a big part of helping achieve orgasm, it is good to think about what is happening and to imagine or fantasize what arouses you. Fantasy is normal and encouraged. This is why many people enjoy sexually explicit videos, etc. leading up to the sexual act. During masturbation you should start slowly and "tease" yourself a bit, make your desires stronger by some start and stop movements. Women often start to rub their clitoris or inside their vagina, then move away from the clitoris and don't touch it directly again until you just can't stop yourself anymore. Then after a while you'll feel your muscles tighten and feel a tingly feeling in your tummy. So start going faster, then your muscles will tighten maybe twitch don't stop keep going. Then you'll feel an amazing sensation that is indescribable You may not be able to hear anything during your orgasm if you do it good. So if your not tired try to do it again. Some "toys" to stimulate or vibrate are often preferred to manual stimulation. Some people use anything that vibrates, even the back of an old electric tooth brush. Or muscle vibrators or sex toys especially for the purpose (usually safer). Males usually know how to do this pretty much instinctively from an early age. Some female contributors have said: I just finger myself either in the shower or bathroom or I sit naked on a chair and move my pelvis forward and back fast and I can feel a pumping sensation in my vagina but it gives me pleasure. I recommend watching porn while fingering that is what gives me great orgasms! Sit on your bed naked rub your fingers or almost anything around your clitoris it feels so good you will be very happy afterward Usually from masturbation. sit on top of the back of a couch (not against wall) and rub your vagina and clitoris onto the corneror joint of the couch When having sex with a man, try sqeezing your pelvic muscles. Not only will he love this as it increases the intensity on his penis but you will be able to feel everything a lot more. Also, whilst having sex trying rubbing your clitoris. I find rubbing in a circular motion is best but some like tapping or up and down. Also, dirty talk is a great way to orgasm. Although you may feel a bit silly at first it really turns both of you on. Try "I want you harder" or "This feels so good!" or "Faster" or "Slower" Not everything works for every person, so try different things until you figure out what works for you. If you have never had one before it may be difficult to figure out what you are looking for. Generally, the muscles in the abdomen and legs will tense or twitch. You may feel like you need to pee or you may sweat a lot. If you are having a man do it for you, it is good to give direction until he does something that feels good to you. Many women enjoy receiving oral sex. If you can find a man who is open to giving it, it's definitely something you need to experience. Relax and stimulate your clitoris or penis and fantasize. (Women often begin by gently stimulating their breasts). Focus on your fantasies and keep them alive, as having an orgasm is NOT a purely physical matter. Arousal and excitement should build up to the point where they involve growing tension which for a second or so becomes almost unbearable. It peaks, you seem to go over over a threshold and the tension explodes into intensely pleasurable release. There is often something ecstatic about a really powerful orgasm. 'Orgasm' is the term for the climax, 'crossing the threshold' and the release that follows. The basic elements of orgasm are the same for both sexes: arousal - almost unbearable 'tension' - climax - release. Men usually ejaculate during release but with women this is much less common (and not necessary). To have an orgasm (this is for women), use your middle finger on the hand you write with. Move down from the belly-button, and when you feel the "bump"(clit), the long one right above your vagina, gently circle it. For most it takes around 5-10 minutes to climax or orgasm. Once again you have to relax! If you start to get really tense relax again, and just focus on your fantasy. For a man, to reach an orgasm yourself, you hold your erect penis like a football. You move your hand up and down grasping your penis. You foreskin should move. Fantasize while you are doing this and it will happen faster. When you start feeling the sensation, do it faster, you will soon reach an orgasm state and sperm will then come out. Don't do these when you need to have a pee, it takes longer if there is pee in your system. Urinate before you start. Also, occasionally, you may wet yourself with the tension. Have fun! One way is to take your penis and your hands, and rub your penis with both hands from the sides of your penis. (left and right sides). In a man's case you have to grip the penis and rub or masturbate. The male orgasm or Ejaculation is brought on by the pleasuring,aka masturbation of ones genitalia,the Penis or Testicles,stimulating them,rubbing the foreskin up and down on ones glans till you have a heavenly feel of exhiliration and the whole body shudders with that erotic exotic explosive feeling,emitting a cloudy white teaspoon of semen which contains the Male sperm to fertilize the females egg and produce a hopefully wanted offspring. In the female its the rubbing of the Vagina inside and the Major Minor labia,Vulva and Clitoris till Orgasm or multiple Orgasms brought on by the hand,toys,penis,oral etc. One way is to take your penis and your hands, and rub your penis with both hands from the sides of your penis. (left and right sides). You can have an orgasm through sex or masturbation. An orgasm is a climax of sexual pleasure which is then released making you feel good. For a girl, rub the clitoris. when you feel that feeling, rub it harder, faster till you feel that your getting to your climax. Once you know you got it, use two or more fingers and put it in your vagina and go deeper till you feel. I hump a really big pillow while watching porn. It works! Depends whether you are a guy or a girl. Stimulating the sensitive genitalia area in a way that feels good for you should do the trick. Through sex or masturbation. During sex you'll experience it just by having sex. During masturbation you should start slowly and tease yourself start to rub your clit or stick your fingers up your vagina . Then after a while you'll feel your muscle tighten and feel a tingly feeling in your tummy. So start going faster then your muscles will tighten maybe twitch don't stop keep going . Then you'll feel an amazing sensation that is indescribable You may not be able tomhear anything during your orgasm if you do it good. So if your not tired try to do it again.:) Masturbate or have sexual intercourse. It's important that the clitoris, which is right above your vagina, gets stimulated. Orgasm is the result of masturbating. When you masturbate, you constantly rub your pubic area (girls=vagina, boys=penis) and think of (sexual) things that make your pubic area "shake" or move. When you do it for an amount of time (depends on each person) you have orgasm when your privates move uncontrollably and you have quenched the desire for sex for your body. A: Orgasms do come from masturbation by male or female but also come from sexual intercourse also. Orgasm is the point of no return in the act of sex, it usually comes with ejaculation of fluids, semen in the case of a male. put your middle finger on ur belly then put lower it till u get to ur vag. then circle it, then you get faster. play phone sex or txt sex obviously fingers and sex toys, but i use a shower head on full, i turn it on, open my legs and get comfy in the bath, even your bf can watch or help you by touching you. then use in a circular motion over your clit. start off slow and then make the circular motion go the other way, quicker up the speed and bring the shower head closer. widen your legs and make a humping action if needed- you WILL orgasm Electric toothbrush, vibrators, dildos, rubbing like pillows, towels, sides of beds...(I don't use that one, I heard it works, though!) etc.. Showerheads...running bath water.. well, you could use a shower head, wen u take ur next shower take the shower head off, then turn it on turbo and not to hot, lay down, spread ur legs, find ur clit and lean on one elbow while ur getting busy with the water, your legs will shake and u'll breath heavy trust me i do it EVERYDAY! u know its wrking wen u are so shaky you have to stop to get a breather... you'll crave it after tht! For most women two areas easily produce the best orgasms, first and the easiest is the "Clitoral stimulation" (care must be taken not to overwork this organ, it can become sore and tender). Second, the "Vagina and famed G-spot", women can have single or multiple orgasms. practice or more time between each one Vaginal or clitoral orgasms make ur guy last longer by thinkin bout other stuff You can have an orgasm in response to masturbating or through sex. It's a nerve response that sends messages to your brain. WOMEN: take the middle finger of the hand you write with and slowly move it down from your belly button, when you feel the "bump" slighty over the vagina slowly rub hard in cirlces, this takes about 5-10 minutes for most women. when you start to feel like you NEED MORE, go faster and harder then for about 3 seconds its almost unbearable, you center stiffens and you may urinate or squirt without feeling. MEN: hold your penis like a football, and kind of shake it up and down keep doing so (try tickling your penis) until semen comes out when the semen stops u may start again its only possible for 50 orgasms a day. for a girl: you can rub down there in a circle rotation on the good spot if you know what I'm talking about, or you cant put a banana there and move it up and down to stimulate a orgasm to come, or my favorite is you can hump a pillow and there are many more ways. its when during sex, or masturbation when you climax. it is the most pleasure. men can do about once a day, females up to 5 or 6 times Well basically, each woman has different spots which cause orgasm The Clit - Just above the vigina - This was made for pleasure! - This is the normal place for orgasm, simply rub fast from side to side! - But if this seems like to much work, all you do is buy a vibrator - place on the clit and enjoy... - If you feel uncomftable buying one, a old electric tooth brush will do Effects of a orgasm Your muscles will tense Moaning and sounds Squiting may happen You may get to excited and have to move the vibrator, this will happen at the first time

How many g-spots do girls have?

There is only one called that and all women have the Gräfenberg Spot ( G-Spot) even if they have not figured out or care about how it works. You can read more about it in the link below.

What are girls turn on spots?

It will vary from individual to individual, but some generic ones are: Throat and neck area Chest Inner thighs Wrists Ears Though how she perceives you and how she feels about you will make the strongest impact as opposed to 'spots'.

What is a girls private called?

If you are asking this - then you cannot be old enough to know - and if you are - you should know anyway - how old are you??

How do you get a girls grafenberg spot?

The best way I have found is to get her on all fours, use a ribbed condom, and go to it. The G spot is about 2 inches from the vaginal opening. Using the "doggy style" puts more pressure on this area and she will definitely thank you for the ribbed condom. Just get ready for a long night of sex.

Why do girls spot?

There a number of reasons which might cause spotting in girls. Themost common cause is the menstrual cycle. If the spotting persistsfor a long time, you should consult a doctor.

How do you hit a girls g-spot?

the best way is to use your fingers while she is on her back or just let her be on top and she can try to find her on and ride you like she pleases

What are girls private parts called?

"Private Parts" of the female anatomy are: Vagina and Breasts.. More detail:. While the whole area is generally called the vagina, vagina is actually the entrance to the uterus. A proper term for the whole area is vulva, which consists of the outer labia (or lips), inner labia, the clitoris, urethra (where your urine comes out), and the entrance to the vagina.. The vagina leads to the uterus, or womb. The hole at the end of the uterus is called the cervix. The fallopian tubes go from the uterus to the ovaries, where your eggs are..

Is the private part of a girl the weak spot of her?

First, when you say the private part, I assume you mean her genitals or her breasts? Yes, those are very sensitive (not "weak"). BUT, most women respond to kindness and love before they feel sexually aroused by someone. A person who just focuses on the "private parts" is not going to make that woman happy, since she is more than just her body. She is also a person.

How do you hit a girls g spot?

Assuming you're a girl(?) slide one or two fingers inside the vagina and stroke in a 'come hither' motion, you should feel a walnut-sized gland at the top a couple of cm in :)

How does it feel to get kicked in the girl private?

IN the girl private seems to refer to someone kicking up into the opening - which would hurt a lot as feet are pretty big and it's be a stretch - imagine someone sticking a foot up you're arse. Getting kicked on the groin doesn't hurt an extreme amount - definitely not like getting hit in the balls. It does hurt, there are bones close to skin there and it is sensitive - I'd imagine it'd be like getting kicked just under the armpit where the ribs are. And to explain this to guys and girls once and for all - GETTING HIT IN YOUR BOOB DOES NOT HURT LIKE GETTING HIT IN THE BALLS! I have not experienced getting kicked in the nuts, but I have read several descriptions, seen it happen, have many explain it to me in person, and have read a doctor's report on why it hurts so much. Getting hit in the boob hurts, it's sensitive, but the pain is like a stab right through the nipple to the ribs, and a sting burn in the area around. The pain goes away quickly and does not inhibit us from breathing (which can happen with guys). It hurts but definitely not as much as getting kicked in the balls in the right spot.

What does a girls private look like?

No one wants to answer that!!!! If you really want to know, and be a pervert, go to google images and type in 'vagina'. also, it looks like a camel toe

What to do when you get a private call?

you wait for the other person to be linked in from the three way then you ask them why their calling you. Then why they say u called them u get in a verbal fight with them.

Can a girl touch a guys privates?

As a teenage guy, I can say that it depends on how long you've know him, and if you are in a relationship with him. If he's a really nice guy who cares about you and has known you for a while, then he will probably not be a d-bag and blab about it to his friends, or even reject saying its too early. If he's a typical guy though, he most likely will spill the beans to his friends. If you havn't know him long, don't-you'll just end up being called a word that begins with a 's' but I can't say it due to censorship later on. So how long you've known him and how well you know he should be important. Its very important to use your judgment. Although I don't recommend you have sex, oral sex is in fact the safest kind, although it is still dangerous. Always use protection, and I mean ALWAYS. And the pull-out doesn't work, I should know, I'm evidence it doesn't work. But anyways, if you really like him and he likes you, use your judgment. Although I still don't think you need to be having sex. Filly309-Yes you just stick out your hand

Can you get a ticket in California for parking in a handicap spot on private property?

Yes, you can get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot on private property in California if you don't have a handicap plate or placard. If you want to fight the ticket, for instance you have the placard but you failed to hang it from your mirror, you must pay the fine up front and if the judge sides with you they will return the money. It took over 9 mos for my money to be returned.

How do you touch a girls private?

I Am A Girl And I Say You Shouldn't Touch It Unless They Want You To, A Great Way Is To Have Sex With Them Or Something Like That But You Need To Ask For Their Permission To Because They May Or May Not Let You .

Do girls look at guys' privates?

Well, yes and no. It really depends on the kind of girl, a more daring out-going person would, while a shy or girl-next-door would not. Just like boys like to look at the "private parts" of girls (front and back, top and bottom), girls will look at a guy's private areas. Of course, unless you are excited there is usually not much to see through your pants. If you are talking about a guy in a state of undress, then girls will look at a guy's endowment.

Can a girl lick another girls private?

Sure, in the sense that it is physically possible. Many women enjoy doing this in the same way that men might enjoy doing it. The moral question of "is it okay to lick another girl's privates?" is a broader subject. Some cultures prohibit this sort of activity, and in some countries it is illegal. However, any consensual sexual activity between adults should not be a cause for censorship or alarm. If two women decide they want to do this, there's nothing wrong with it.

Can girls shave their private part?

Yes, girls can but it can be painful depending on what you do. I would not recommend you to shave because it will cause spots to from and it will irritate you. It's probably best to wax.

Can a girls private be tickled?

It depends on who you are to her. If you are a completer stranger and you think she's hot, don't do it. If you are a short way into a relationship, don't do it. If you're about to have sex, go for it boy.

If a girl is spotting how long pregnant is she?

It's impossible to know based on that. To know how long she is pregnant, she really should see a doctor... which she should be doing on a regular basis anyway if she suspects or knows that she is pregnant.

How do you talk to a girl in private?

the easiest way to do that i think would be to ask if you could talk to her then follow her to where she goes if its still to close to other people sorta "drift away" as you start with small conversation :) btw dont put pressure on her boys hav done that to me and i hate it! good luck :) ^ I completely agree with her! Another way, is to just catch her when shes alone, because girls aren't always with friends, you know! haha Don't EVER put her in pressure, if she can't talk, she can't talk.

What is a girls biggest turn on spot?

Girl's have a lot of turn ons. For me my biggest ones are the breasts, the upper inner leg and obviously the teasing of the vagina is a pretty big one too. Some other girls like their ears, their toes, their neck and their butt. Girls like their necks bitten and licked as well as the tips of the ears. A lot of girls like their breasts to be sucked and their body to be cerressed. For foreplay wise girls like being fingered and eaten out. Being blindfolded works too because it is very unpredicatable and it excites women because we don't know what is coming next. Anyways, I hope this helped.

What does a girls privates feel like?

In normal terms they feel a little moist or wet (if excited at the time) soft and squishy. If you imagine a piece of steak (maybe not a good analogy but it is similar), it is like this but warmer and usually wetter and with lips on the left and right side with a clitoris at the top end under a little hood (unless already exposed because she is stimulated). If you imagine once your penis is inside the vagina or privates as you stated above, it feels like a soft, warm massaging glove that grasps your penis and to most men is like entering the gates of heaven.

Why do you rub your private spot?

Your "private spot" contains many nerve endings that when stimulated, encourage chemical secretions in your brain that create sensations that are considered pleasurable. Some chemicals secreted include oxytocin, endorphins, adrenaline (epinephrine), phenylethylamine, testosterone (both men and women) and serotonin. In short, you rub your private spot because it feels good.

Why is your private part called a private part?

Because both a penis and a butt do very grouse things and it is very rude to talk about what they can do in front of anyone and thats why they are called private parts because you are supposed to keep them to your self and that they are private to you and you should not also let them be visible to anyone

What is that white in a girls private part?

The white substance that may be found in a girl's private part can refer to a number of different things. Most commonly, the white substance is apparant when a woman has a yeast infection.

Why is it that just because a girl may have spots people call her ugly?

Not every human has been endowed with physical beauty and many have diseases which can cause skin issues or changes in the body. The people who call you ugly are cruel and unintelligent. Most people wouldn't say such things and as much as it breaks both your hearts ignore them because there are more people out in society that are kinder. It's what is in the heart and soul (personality) that makes a person and not just physical looks. It is difficult to know what the 'spots' are, but she could go to a beauty salon and find out if make-up could help cover up the spots, but be sure that the doctor agrees with this in case the make-up irritates the spots.

How do you get a girl to like you in a private school?

In school, try to help her with her homework and all. Talk to her. Make her happy, maybe gift her something. Just attract her till she starts liking you back. The girls are actually same at all the schools.At private schools you would probably find a girl from a well off family as private schools are comparatively expensive than the Govt. run schools or others. The main thing is that the girls are pretty same every where but you might find a more open girl in a private school.Try to com close to her and in the P. Schools girls give you that much room and you can be a friend of her.That is for the start.Then you need to do more for her but do not go mad for her.Just act normal and help her if she need your help.If you are in India then it is not going to work for you if you will gift without knowing if she likes you or not.If she don't like you and you will give a gift then she might start maintaining distance from you.If you are somewhere out side Asia then rather than giving her gift take her out on a lunch or some kind of outing on that occasion.Giving gift will work on only some you should rather first make her yours then only on the dates you can give the gifts.

Can girls have both private parts?

It is possible for a girl or female to have both private parts. A girl that is born with both a penis and a vagina is known as a hermaphrodites - hermaphroditus.