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What do you call animals that eat leaves?

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There are many animals that eat leaves as part of their diet. If they eat plants they are called "herbivores". Some animals such as many primates, eat leaves and are called "folivores". Other animals specialize on grains "grannivores". Omnivores are animals that have an eclectic diet and may include both plant and faunal matter into their diet.
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What are animal eating animals called?

they are called predators, and the animals being fed upon are the prey. also known as carnivores.

What animal eats oak leaves?

wombats, carpender ants, and the rare foliage dieted bear of the Netherlands

What do you call when animals eat animals?

the circle of life. animals eat other animals all the time. these animals are called carnivores (meat eating animals). but if an animal ate one of it's own kind it's known as