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There are many animals that eat leaves as part of their diet. If they eat plants they are called "herbivores". Some animals such as many primates, eat leaves and are called "folivores". Other animals specialize on grains "grannivores". Omnivores are animals that have an eclectic diet and may include both plant and faunal matter into their diet.
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What do you call an animal that eats meat?

A carnivore. A carnivore eats almost exclusively meat. An omnivore will have some meat in their diet as well. carnivores

What animals in the boreal forest eat leaves?

There are a great many animals in the Boreal forest that eat  leaves. Many insects and small animals for example eat leaves.

What are meat eating animals called?

An animal that eats meat exclusively is called a carnivore. Meat-eating animals are called carnivores. Plant-eating animals are called herbivores. Animals that eat both meat a

What do you call a animal that eats producers?

Consumer or Heterotroph, or more specifically a primary consumer. If the producer in question is photosynthetic (rather than chemosynthetic), the animal is also can be called

What animal eats white poplar leaves?

There are many insects that feast upon the white poplar leaves.  These include caterpillars, beetles, mealy bugs, scales, borers,  and aphids.