What do you call someone who is obsessed with time?

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people who are obsessed with time are called really annoying and anal! lol

But seriously, the term is called timeophile-
or chronophile for the obsession of devices that record time (watches clocks, calendars etc)
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What time is too late to call someone?

chance of sleeping family? . \nDoes the person have children? Do you know if the person works the following day? If they have young children do not call after nine. If they have older children it is ok to call before ten. If they do not have children at all, and do not have a morning job the next (MORE)

Someone obsessed with brains?

You have to have a brain to be obsessed with anything...... so anyone obsessed by brains already has a brain.......but it is less likely that you will be obsessed with anything if you have one of those things with which you are obsessed.........so it all begins to seem a little circuitous and ironic (MORE)

I am a female I have a female friend who is obsessed with me She calls 10 times a day gets mad and leaves mean messages if I don't call her Demands my time I am married and have kids who I want to be?

You are going to have to be firm with her, straight forward and polite and simply tell her how her behaviour makes you feel as well make it clear to her you have a family and they come first - it is best that you keep your distance from her for awhile if not on going as she sounds as though she coul (MORE)

What should you do if someone is obsessed with you?

\n. \nTell as many people as possible. Scrutiny is the only way to stop obsession.\n. \n--Answer--\n. \nHave you clearly notified the person not to contact you again? A simple phone call or email (not in person!) clearly stating for them to stop contact will separate the 'needs to get a clue' id (MORE)

How can you tell if someone is obsessed with you?

They will constantly try to be in contact with you when they are not around you, always want to be around you, always question you about all things, possibly get angry or a temper arises if you are not talking to them enough. You will see a very apparent neediness as well as become overbearing in a (MORE)

What is the name for someone who is obsessed with frozen poo?

Cryocoprophliac?. Those who are concerned with and study fossolized feces are 'scatologists'.. But frozen poo? If you assume sexual interest in frozen poo, rather than an interest in the ecological status of the producer, if so, then this word makes a certain amount of linguist sense.. Feces, or (MORE)

What is the word for someone obsessed with blood?

Blood fetishist.. It could be vampirism, hematomania, hemomania, or any number of other things. Do a Google search for one of those three or "conditions similar to (a, b, or c)". Hope This Helps.

What is it called when you are obsessively neat?

obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) where the sufferer feels an obsessive need to clean and have everything neat and tidy. however not all forms are this severe, the person you are refering to may just be a perfectionist.

How do you tell if your obsessed with someone?

if he or she talks about u a lot and looks at u a lot If you, yourself are obsessed, you Celebrity: Google them every time you go on the computer. Follow their twitter, Facebook etc. Go where ever they go... stalk them... talk about them constantly, think about them all day. Friend: Talk to (MORE)

How do you know if your obsessed over someone?

you will know if its love or obsession. love its TRUE feelings over someone. you care and feel their pain. obsession is liking someone because they are hot and talking about them ALL the time.

What do you do if you obsess over someone who doesn't love you?

You will drive yourself insane obsessing over someone who does not show interest in you! "Love" is defined differently by everyone so don't use it loosely! Start by asking yourself why you worry about this person loving you? and if they did express "love" for you...what next? do you get a prize? Sto (MORE)

How do you tell if you are obsessed with someone?

if that person is all you think of, from the moment you wake until you see them or speak to them .... then it starts again! it is unhealthy and you should ask yourself if its worth the time and effort on your part to devote your life to a person other than yourself!?

How do you know when someone is obsessed with you?

If they are: stalking you writing you notes a gazillion times a day trying to hack your email, facebook, ect. staring at you constantly kissing you for a long, long time (even if you try to stop them)

What is it called to be obsessed with hand sanitizer?

most sanitizers have quite a bit of alcohol to kill the germs. --------------------------- Germophobia... No it is a mental disorder OCD repeating an activity to rid anxiety over irashional fears e.g germs. .................................. I believe the above answers are suggesting an (MORE)

What do you call a person obsessed with another person?

This person suffers from a "Fatal attraction". Someone who doesn'treally love the person, but thinks they need them to survive. Thisperson can get extremely jealous and violent if you rid them fromyour life. So you need to be careful and seek help. They will stalkyou, threaten you and try to bring y (MORE)

What do you call someone who is obsessed with technology?

A Geek See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geek "A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. Geeks are adept with computers, and use the term hacker in a positive way, though not all are hackers themselves."

What do they call people who are obsessed with snakes?

Herpetologists are experts on all reptiles, not just snakes. the adjectives Ophidian and Serpentine apply to the serpentine creatures proper. Ophidomania might me a manic condition about snakes. There was an electronic device called and ophidian thermocouple- a heat sensor- that was actually pattern (MORE)

How do you get your ex Girlfriend to talk to you AFTER she called you Obsessive?

Stop being obsessive. That means stop getting her to talk to you. Apologize and leave it at that. If she doesn't want to talk to you, live with it. She's an EX-girlfriend for a reason. The more you try to get her to talk to you, the more obsessive you really are. Then maybe she'll see you've s (MORE)

What do you call a person who is obsessed with cuttinq themselves?

One answer to this question could be a person with a complex post-traumatic stress disorder, formerly known as Borderline Personality. Cutting themselves, usually in a non-life-threatening way, relieves tension and helps them feel emotion. Recent thoughts are that the disorder stems from a dysfunc (MORE)

How do you tell if someone is obsessed with you?

A person who is obsessed by another person may follow that person everywhere they go or 'accidentally turn up' at the same places (an excuse.) The obsessed person may text or phone constantly; follow the victim through Facebook or other Forums on the Internet. They may send you gifts often; ask your (MORE)

What do you do if someone tells you they are obsessed with you?

Well if in a like a fan way you should be flattered! But it can get out of hand. have a chat with them and tell them NICELY in your own way to take it down a notch. In a relationship way, once again you should be flattered, but it can be weird if you don't like them back. So talk to them carefully a (MORE)

Can you stop being obsessed with someone?

probably over time. although you will suffer a 'heartbreak' once you realize its not possible to be with the person. however if its in a stalker kinda way (if you love them so much you want to capture them, hurt them or maybe kill them stuff like that) you should see a doctor or a psychologist.

What do you call people obsessed with movie stars?

It seems that these are individuals with very low self esteem. The idolization of others seems to me a lack of internal self respect. One admires altruistic people, heroes, philanthropists, in short, others who have selflessly helped humanity. Movie stars are just vain and shallow people who must sp (MORE)

What do you call a person who is obsessed with anime comics?

'Anime Otaku' (otaku is a Japanese word that describes a person thats obsessed about something, of any theme, subject, etc, but as it is usually used to described Anime/Manga otaku's I suppose you could just use 'otaku' although it kinda means geek or nerd :/ ) -But! According to wiki, in english (MORE)

What do you call someone that can be opposites at the same time?

A person that can feel or express two emotions at a time is usually called an ambivalence. An example of an ambivalence could be someone like this: -I am angry and happy at the same time. -I cried of sad happiness. Ambivalence people are usually uncommon. They can sometimes spread as a nuc (MORE)

How do you make someone obsessed with you?

You can't, you just have to be your self or maby try a little harder by dressing a little better or maby just keep saying stuff to keep the conversation going(but, be careful not to say something totally stupid).

What does it mean when someone tell you stop be obsessive?

if you are being obsessive, you are letting something continually occupy your mind. for example, if you got a new girlfriend and you asked her about evrything she did and not let her get near any other guys, you are being obsessive towards her. another example is, if you like somebody and you are (MORE)

How do you erase your obsession about someone?

It is normal to hold onto memories of people you have had a relationship with especially if you still love them. As humans we tend to remember the good memories only and they were part of a person's life. Breakups are very hard on a person who is still in love with the other person and it takes time (MORE)

What do you call someone obsessed with fashion?

Fashion addict . Fashion guru (if they are an expert) . Fashionholic . Fashionista Many psychologists believe those obsessed with fashion and looking good actually have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).