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What do you call someone who works on a radio station?

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a radio announcer
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Would calling a radio station charge you?

Yes,It will charge you a bit extra than a normal call. Also,if you call once your phone number is saved into the computer.So if you try to call again they know who is calling.

How do you call 92.5 radio station?

you dial the number 416-870-8888 for Toronto,Canada station if that is what you are talking about. Unless you live in a different country it's not the right number

Do you have to be 13 to call a radio station?

There is no law that says you must be 13 or above to call a radio station. Anyone can do so, even those who are in jail. However, if topics under discussion are for a particul

Can you call someone a dick on the radio?

A lot of radio has turned into such garbage in recent years that it happens every day. Of course, it's gonna make you sound like worse crap than the person you're putting down
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Why does wfmw radio staTION not work online?

In order to research my answer to your question, I opened a new tab on my browser, went over there, and hit the "Listen live" button. I had no problem, and I must admit, a