What do you call your sister's daughter?

What do you call your sister's daughter?
You are either her aunt or uncle depending upon your gender, and she is your niece.
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You star in Lifetime's recently released film "Back to School Mom". "Back to School Mom" is the story of a 40-year-old woman who decides to go back to school to pursue her degree. When she gets there she learns that her son, who she gave up for adoption, is attending the school. You play Noah Riley, the adopted son. What was it about the character of Noah that made you audition for the part?

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What relation is my sister's daughter to my grandchildren?

Your sister's daughter is your niece. They are your children's first cousin. Your grandchildren would be first cousins once removed.
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What is your sister's husband's sister's daughter called?

Your sister's husband's sister's daughter might be called your brother-in-law's niece, although that is less specific than calling her your brother-in-law's sister's daughter. (MORE)