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The battery is the first thing I check.

A car needs 3 things to start. It needs Fire, Fuel, and Oxygen. The first thing i would check is the fire.You can do this by locating the distributor coil pack which has a spark plug looking wire running from the distributor to the coil. you check the fire here by undoing the wire from the coil but still leaveing it hooked up to the distributor. Hold the wire about 1/2 inch from the coil and have someone try starting the car, if it sparks your getting fire to the distributor but if it doesn't spark it might be ur distributor coil. Then after u plug that wire back into the distributor unplug one of the wires from ur spark plugs but leave hooked up to your distributor.Then take an old spark plug and hook into the wire Have someone try starting the car, if it sparks then you know your getting fire from the distributor but if it doesn't spark then u might have a bad distributor. The next thing i would check is the fuel. when u turn the key u should hear you fuel pump come on (it will make like a wineing or sucking sound). If you hear this then you know ur fuel pump is good but if you don't hear it then it might mean your fuel pump is out. If you don't hear the fuel pump working then you can check to see if your getting fuel by locating the fuel filter. when u find the fuel filter . disconnect the fuel line on the fuel filter that is towards the engine. after u do this watch the fuel filter and have someone else try starting it. If it sprays out gas then you know ur getting fuel but if it doesn't then you need to change your fuel pump and fuel filter. To check the Oxygen i would check your air filter. If your air filter is dirty either clean it really good just by shaking it out or replace it with a new one.The only other thing i could tell you about the oxygen is if it's not getting oxygen then you might check your exhaust.
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Well I can not help you with that little detail but if you think about it did you check the spark plug? once again that is the best i can do you would have to give me more det

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if you turn the key and nothing is making noise check the battery if you are trying to start it and it is making noise press the gas a little bit so that the car can pump gas

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make sure your battery is charged, check the battery cable connections, get your starter and alternator checked, then ask a mechanic. then push it off a cliff and buy a new on

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Ignition is governed by 4 things Airfuelsparkmixture Check each of these exist in the cylinder. For instace check the air filter isn't clogged. That the fuel pump is working

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Fuel Pump Fuel pump is a possible culprit. It can also be a clogged fuel filter or defective coil, etc. You need to determine what is missing of the 3 things needed for the e