What do you claim to have least taxes taken out?

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Claiming something other than what you are entitled to is a crime. I'm not sure the above is true...the amount you have withheld has no relevance on how much you ultimately must pay...and having too little withheld simply costs you much more in the long run. I believe your entitiled to do that to yourself! The idea is to have the CORRECT amount taken out! Anything less will not change the tax you have to pay and report, but will subject you to what can be substantial underpayment fees and interest and penalties. Why pay more, maybe much more, than you have to? The instructions to Form W-4 provide everything you would need to assure whatever amount of tax you want withheld is done. (Obviously, some things, like FICA, UI, etc are a straight proportion of a calculated amount that you cannot adjust).
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How do you fill out your income tax form so that you get the most money taken out of your check and have the least money owed when you file your taxes?

If you work for an employer and receive a W2 at the end of the year, you need to adjust your W4 (that is the form you should have filed out before you were employed). You need

What percentage of taxes taken out of pay check in New York and Federal taxes if I claim just myself?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer considering I'm not sure just how much you make in income. The more you draw in income, the more you pay in federal income tax.

What is the normal percent of taxes taken from your paycheck in Kentucky if you don't claim any exemptions?

Depends on what you call taxes...you mean only federal income taxes (same in each state), or state income taxes...or both...how about FICA, unemployment, disability, etc. Many

How do you fill out the tax form to have the least amount of tax taken out of your check?

The idea is to have the CORRECT amount taken out!. Anything less will not change the tax you ultimately have to pay and report, but will subject you to what can be substantia

If no taxes are taken out do you have to file taxes?

Filing and paying are 2 different things. You are required to pay as you make money, that is commonly done as you work, by your employer "withholding". But many types of in

What percentage of taxes is taken out of your paycheck claiming 1 in withholdings in new jersey?

You can use the following calculator to determine how much tax will be deducted from your paycheck: http://www.paycheckcity.com/NetPayCalc/netpaycalculator.asp Remember t

Can you claim post tax on your taxes?

I guess it depends;for instance, the traditional IRA is a retirement savings plan where contributions may be tax deductible and the values can grow tax deferred until withdraw

Can you claim sales tax on your taxes?

Yes, you can claim state and local sales taxes on your return. But in order to do so you must itemize deductions and you must not claim state and local income taxes. You're al