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What do you clean your stainless steel stovetop with?

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Bar Keepers Friend (brand name) and soft rag or sponge.
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How do you clean stainless steel cookware?

Bartender's Friend cleaning powder. There is also a good video on the site provided in the resource that show how to effectively clean your stainless steel cookware with commo

How do i clean a stainless steel range?

Stainless Steel is attractive in the kitchen as well as practical.  With stainless steel, you want to avoid using abrasive cleaners.  Microfiber cloths with mild soapy water

How do you get a stainless steel tea pot clean?

  I use 5 or 6 tablets of denture cleaner in the pot with hot water. let it soak for several hours.. after that use a bottle washing type brush to brush away the stains th

How do you clean stainless steel refrigerator?

I have a stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove. Surprisingly, the best way to clean it is with Pledge and a furniture polishing cloth. I use orange Pledge, it sm

How do you clean your stainless steel sink?

The trick with stainless steel is to clean it without scratching  it.     You can try a low-abrasion cleaner, such as SoftScrub. It's a good  idea to avoid high-ab

How do you Clean burnt stainless steel saucepan?

Honestly, once you've scorched the outside of the pan, you can't really get it off. Next time, if you are cooking over an open flame, rub bar soap on the outside of the pan an

Is a porcelain stove top easier to clean than a stainless steel stovetop?

IMO, yes. Porcelain can take "more punishment" than stainless steel". It has been my finding, having used both, that porcelain can take "more punishment" than stainless steel.

How do you clean a stainless steel bbq grill?

The best thing to do is just get kitchen appliance cleaners for the grill and use that to clean the grill. These can be obtained at any department store, and will do the trick
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How does one practice cleaning stainless steel?

The easiest and safest method to clean stainless steel is done with only warm water and a wash cloth. Gently wash it routinely, but make sure to dry it off completely, because