What do you cure yourself for a snake bite?

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If the snake was venomous, there is no self-help cure. You need to get medical care promptly. The faster you get to the emergency room, the better your chance of survival.
A bite from a non-venomous snake should be wash thoroughly and covered with a bandage for a few days. However, if it was from a larger snake that has caused a nasty laceration, you will need to seek medical help and sutures may be required.

Poisonous snake bites need immediate emergency room care because you will need anti-venom to counteract the snake's poison which can spread quickly through your bloodstream.
Non-poisonous snake bites can be treated with soap and water, alcohol and an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin to be prevent infection and then cover it with a bandage. Check the area daily for any signs of infection such as redness, swelling, or pus-like drainage. If present, get yourself to a doctor.
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Why do snakes bite?

It can be because of 2 different reasons. Either they're hungry and trying to find food, or defending themselves against larger predators.

Do snakes bite?

Yes every snake can bite. Any animal that has a mouth can bite. Biting is one of the few defenses that a snake has and they usually only bite if they feel threatened. Most snakes will try to flee prior to biting.

How did pioneers cure rattlesnake bites?

Pioneers cured Moast pioson bits by making a small cut abov thebite suck the pioson out and then spiting it out One thing pioneers did was to cut open the wound, and suck out all the venom and spit it out. i love cake The settlers first made a shallow incision about 1/2" deep between the fang marks, (MORE)

How do you cure bed bug bites?

There is a treatment for a bed bug bite that can make it less painful. See a doctor about that. The "cure" for a bedbug infestation is to have a professional apply appropriate pesticides. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, and their presence is not related to any kind of filth or messy living conditi (MORE)

Does immobilizing wound would cure snake bite?

No, it doesn't cure the snake bite. It does, however, reduce the amount of venom flowing through the victim's body. The only cure - is to get to a hospital for treatment with anti-venin.

Rattle snake bite cure?

What to do when bitten by a snake bite Keep the bitten area still. You can immobilize the area with an improvised splint made from a board or other stiff material tied to the limb. Don't tie it too tight---you don't want to reduce blood flow. Keep the area of the snake bite lower than the heart. D (MORE)

How do you cure a scorpion bite?

First if you have a partner with you let him/her suck out the poison. It is not poisonous to taste but spit it out once it is sucked out. Then stop the blood flow. Tie down the defected limb with a clothe. Make sure it is tight. You probably shouldn't walk so it is recommended to be carried. Now if (MORE)

How did pioneers cure scorpion bites?

Pioneers? to cure scorpion bites, they did not do anythingfortunately, since the bites are not poisonous. The most they wouldhave done was drained the wound, using the tie and suck method

How can you cure a bedbug bite?

In most cases it will start to itch soon after the bedbug has completed its meal and left you to crawl back to its hiding place with your blood inside it. If any part of your skin starts to itch early in the morning while you lie in bed or just after getting up, try not to scratch but apply calami (MORE)

How do you cure a mosquito bite?

What you need: Cold wet rag, Benadryl Itch Relief, Ice, Bar of soap Directions: 1. Wash your mosquito bite with a cold wet rag 2. Dab Benadryl Itch Relief on your mosquito bite 3. This is weird, but it prevents it from itching, rub a bar of soap on your mosquito bite 4. Wrap ice in t (MORE)

How do you cure your misquito bites?

Mosquito bites, while intensely annoying, are rarely serious in their own right. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are usually enough to treat the itch and any swelling. Yet mosquitoes can transmit harmful pathogens with their bites, causing serious diseases like West Nile virus, malaria and enceph (MORE)

How do cure a spider bite?

first you get alcohol. then you get tissue. put the alcohol on the tissue and start to rub it for 2 minute. then open it a spit in it. then stand it for 24 hr... then bam it cure

What is the cure for a lycan bite?

I Don't know if there is a cure for a lycan's bite. I've bitten many humans, >:) but I've never seen them survive, let alone take some kind of cure. sorry.

What plant cures mosquitoes bites?

Plantain weeds ***** If the worst happens: An extract from the bark of several speciesof the cinchona tree and others, is used to cure the disease,malaria, which is caused by the infected bite of the femalemosquito.

What is the cure for mosquito bites?

To cure a mosquito bite as soon as possible you try the next: . when you get a mosquito bite, gently wash the bite area with water and soap. Pat it dry, do not rub it and keep it clean. Try NOT to scratch, it is quiet impossible sometimes... Now simply run hot water, as warm as you can stand, ove (MORE)

How do you cure a Spider bite?

Step 1 Identify the spider and the bite. If you notice that there appears to be a hole forming in your skin with some redness and swelling, there is a good chance you have been bit by a spider. Try to identify the spider if you can. Wash the wound with warm soap and water. . Step 2 Spider bites p (MORE)

How to cure blood sucker bites?

There is no cure for the bites of blood sucking insects, howeverthere are treatments that can temporarily ease the itching causedby these bites including soaking in Epson salts, making a paste ofbaking soda and water, or using aloe Vera. If an allergic reactionor illness occurs it is always best to (MORE)

What will cure mosquito bites?

A mosquito bite is not a disease which can be cured. However, there are many things you can buy (Stingose, Rubbing Alcohol, Tea Tree Oil, Vinegar) which all provide nothing but momentary (if that) relief. calimine lotion ,Aloe-Vera and hydrocortizone cream will help it heal faster. don't itch the bi (MORE)

How do you cure leech bites?

You remove the leech from your skin. Then clean the area using soap and water. Then dry the area and apply Polysporin, peroxide or disinfectant to clean area thoroughly. Apply a bandage.

What happens to snakes who are used to cure bites?

These snakes are basically treated like pets: they live in a glass box and are fed by people. In order to make anti-venom, the snakes are "milked." Snake handlers get them to bite a specially prepared container in order to collect venom to be processed. After that, the snakes are put back into th (MORE)

Where can you get snake bites?

Body Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what" . All Body Piercing studios are regulated and work under regional and local health and city licensing regulations. What you may want may not be legal in your area so call and check with your local studios. . Age limits can vary from city (MORE)

How do you cure a tick bite?

well, when a tick is on your skin, you immediately take a needle and light it with a match, then burn the tick/or use nail polish. If the tick has been in you for a day or so, it CAN'T back out. It has already glued its head into your skin. Burning it or smothering it may kill it, but won't remove (MORE)

How do you cure a ant bite?

okay this might sound mean and stupid but go to the doctors if you are allergic but if not just put ice on it and get over it.

Is there a way to cure a vampire bite?

no way whoever asked is brainless edit: Assuming this is a hypothetical/mythological question: Depends on the folklore you'd like to follow. In some folklore the bitten outright die so there is no issue for treatment. Others suggest poultices of silver and garlic. Depending on the nationali (MORE)

What you do on snake biting?

you wash the wound out with water and soap then you put a bandage over it or if it has venom in it then you call the ambulance immediately

How do you cure a fire ant bite?

well If your really algeric like me and the part of your body where you got bitten is swollen then follow theese steps: 1( You first have to put a anti itch cream. If you dont have one then use water. You can also use perfume which last longer than water. 2( Over night a white or yellow bubble (MORE)

Does toothpaste cure mosquito bites?

From what I have tried yes. I heard it has something to do with the PH balance, their is acid in a mosquito bite and a base in toothpaste that balances it out. Leaving a small layer on overnight (with a small tissue piece to keep from rubbing away immediately) I noticed reduced swelling and the itch (MORE)

How can you cure yourself of peladophobia?

You can cure yourself of peladophobia by imagening a world where you dont have your phobia and you can walk freely withn hundreds of bald people. Jacinta farrell age 11

How did they cure rattlesnake bites in the 1850s?

They would first make an incision that is 1 or 2 inches deep between the fang mark. If they brought a doctors kit there would be a pump to suck out the venom. If they did not have a doctors kit they would suck the venom in to their mouths, spit it out, and then wash their mouths with antiseptic ( wh (MORE)

How can you cure a bite from an alligator bite?

Alligators are not venomous. If you are bitten, you should be concerned about dying of blood loss, shock, or being EATEN. You should get to a hospital, where they will clean the wound to prevent infection. Amputations may have to be made.

Will a snake bite another snake?

Yes. In fact, some snakes, such as nonvenomous king snakes, will regularly eat other snakes, including venomous ones. Snakes may also bite one another when competing for a mate.

How do you cure a black mamba snake bite?

well, actually you can't really cure it because usually after they bite you, you usually start to feel like your gonna die and that's what happens you die. mamba snakes have the most poisonous venom in the whole world but you don't have to worry because they don't live in Canada they live in either (MORE)

What is the cure for a vampire bite?

There is no current cure. Scientists are currently researching the disease. Have fun being a vampire. EDIT: There is no such thing as a vampire so disregard the last sentence.

Is there any poison to cure snake bite?

Someone who was bitten by a poisonous snake needs an antidote. That is why you need to kill the snake so it could be identified so the proper antidote could be administrate.

When snake bite?

If you're asking when a snake bites, it's when they feel threatened or are attacking prey.

How do you cure a bite from chiggers?

The best way to relieve bites from chiggers is to wash skin vigorously with soap and water. Itching can be relieved by applying a topical corticosteroid cream. Rashes from chiggers can become infected with bacteria, and it's important to see a doctor if this happens.

How were rattlesnake bites in the 1800s cured?

Before the 1890s, antivenom had not yet been used and published as a cure for snake bites. In many cases, nothing could be done considering especially, even now that still holds true today, however, some still did nothing and let the victim simply wait it out-not all rattlesnakes bites are 100% fata (MORE)

What cures a scorpion bite?

The treatment for a lethal scorpion sting is anti-venom. There are only a few scorpion anti-venoms available. Hobbyists that keep dangerous exotic species far from their natural habitat are at greater risk because of a lack of availability of anti-venom. See the related link for further informatio (MORE)

How can people be cured from snake bites?

If a person is bitten by a poisonous snake the only cure is anti-venom. As it is difficult to prove which species of snake has bitten a person, it is adviced that someone bitten by a snake should attempt to capture the snake in order to provide a quicker anti-venom solution.

Can a viper bite be cured?

Antivenoms have been developed for most poisonous snakes, including vipers. As long as treatment is rapid and doctors know which type of snake bit you, antivenom is an effective treatment, and a person will not have permanent injury. However, if the delay between the bite and treatment is too long, (MORE)

Is there a cure if a rat bites you?

A rat bite in and of itself is not something to cure. It is simplya small wound that will heal like any other. However, a bite from arat can transmit disease. How treatable it is depends on thedisease. The greatest risk is of rabies. If you are bitten by a rator any other mammal that you do not know (MORE)