What do you do about a narcissist who will not leave you alone?

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It sounds to me like he won't leave you alone - and you won't leave him alone! Answer I've read this many times and have found it to be TRUE in my circumstance...stay COMPLETELY away from the N. Not a word, not a smile, not a glance. Don't feel guilty for ignoring him. You mean nothing to him, no matter what he might say (lie) to you. He just wants to use you. He also wants to make up just long enough to put you in your place and let you know that all the problems were your fault. Don't fall for that. If you COMPLETELY ignore him, you will prove to be of no use to him and he'll go away. Answer Ignore him and do not show any emotions around him such as fear and hurt. Show indifference. They will move on once they see your strength. Answer Accuse him of something he know he's done but didn't want to fess up about. Something major. Also, once you let them see that you're not available to them they will go away.
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How do you get a narcissist to leave you alone?

Be sure to maintain as much contact with your abuser as the courts, counsellors, mediators, guardians, or law enforcement officials mandate. Do NOT contravene the decisions

How do you get narcissist to leave you alone after he dumps you then comes back over and over and is this a common trait of narcissists?

Answer . The narcissist is looking for attention and whatever else you can give him. You need to show no interest, no emotion, nothing. Don't show anger or sadness or even

How do you leave a narcissist?

Answer . \nThe only way is NO CONTACT ever again. Do not fool yourself during lonely moments and make excuses to see the N. Not even to rub his face into how good you look

Will a narcissist leave you alone once you have caused narcissistic injury?

In my experience, No. A Narcissist needs constant attention. He is terrified of abandonment. Mine created such a mess of my life and I did NOT leave. So he pretended to be mak

Do you leave quietly leave a narcissist?

keep it a secert and tell no one move away seek mental help to understand New Answer-i agree with the answer above but do read about it to educate yourself and knowing that wh

If you tell a narcissist to leave you alone will he?

I had a friend who is a narcissist and I can tell you that at first no they don't. They find ways to make jabs at you any way possible the importent thing is not to respond to

Why won't my ex who is a narcissist leave me alone?

Some people can love themselves so much that they don't believe that anyone wouldn't want them. Your ex sounds like one of these people. It's possible that he or she just thin

Do narcissists like being alone?

Narcissists can't be alone!! They have to have a supply / victim. I was a victim for 6 years and have been free for one year! He still continues to try to have me back in hi

Why wont a narcissist leave you alone?

Because they are desperate for the attention and devotion you give them.It is a drug to them and like every drug addict, they will eventually come back around when other suppl

Why would a narcissist want to be alone?

As long as a narcissist has a mirror, they are with the person they love the most. The narcissist does not want his real self to be revealed. He/she only wants to be ack

Can a person have narcissistic traits and be an emotional manipulatior what the best way to deal with them if you have dumped them will they leave you alone?

It depends, and without knowing the individual nobody can give you a rock solid guarantee of what they will do. Generally sociopaths and manipulative narcissists are kindred,

How do you get narcissist to leave children alone?

I would ignore his phone calls and use their own excuse, "I didn't know that you called". My exN is so irresponsible he couldn't keep up with the child support payments. He go