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What do you do after you get the 7 treasures in Pokemon mystery dungeon 2?

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Whatever you want there just there to recruit Pokemon easier and to get some Legendary Pokemon like Articuno or Groudon Note: you need the golden mask or the icy flute or the terra cymbal to recruit Groudon or Articuno

you don't have to get Articuno and Groudon with recruitment
Articuno was the first guardian legendary i got and i got it WITHOUT recruitment things
to get mew you need recrutiment items

I recruited Mew without any items.
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Is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 hard to beat?

Answer: Depends on your skill level, understanding of the game's mechanics, luck, and ability to follow instructions. Every game holds its differing degrees of difficulties,

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How do you evolve starters in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

To evolve your starters in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, explorers of Darkness/Time, you must complete a series of different steps that are actually a continuation of the so-call

How do you save on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

Walk on to your bed in Wigglytuff's guild, or choose "rest" from the pause menu while in a mystery dungeon. If you are living in sharpedo bluff, then rest on your bed there.

What does a golden seed do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

The Pokemon that eats it gets it's Level boosted by 5. It is impossible to sell. Here are four codes you can put on wonder mail s password for a Golden Seed 1FM67 @X7=#&&

How do you easy recruit kecleon on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

You have to be 90-100 here is why Kecleon has a -49.5% chance to recruit. Being level 90 or up ups the chance by 25% but that still isn't enough Kecleons recruit chance change

Where do you go to get wondermail on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

To enter wonder mail codes go to the main menu of Pokemon mystery dungeon 2, then go to 'wonder mail' then 'receive wonder mail' and then however you are going to receive it.

What is the best starter Pokemon for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

MUNCHLAX elemental starters are, yes, pretty good to start with, but i recommend Munchlax, and i am DEAD SERIOUS. Munchlax is the toughest starter you can get, as he has the
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What are the seven treasures in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

The Seven Treasures are: The Aqua-monica in bottomless sea, The Fiery Drum in the giant volcano, The Grass cornet in Mystery Jungle, The Icy Flute on Mt.Avalanche, The Rock H
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What does the Erratic Player skill do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2?

It amplifies type effectiveness for that pokemon. So a Riolu with Erratic Player will do more damage with a Fighting move against a Normal pokemon, than another Fighting pokem