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What do you do if there is a shortage in your iPod and you can only hear out of 1 headphone?

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you should try replacing your headphones before jumping to such expensive conclusion
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Your ipod only plays out of one headphone?

My suggestion is get new earphones, but if you have tried other earphones and it still hasn't worked then you should go to best buy or somewhere that would know things about i

How do you fix your ipod touch when you can only hear one earphone?

are you sure that your ipod is broken and its not just a blown out speaker? i suggest that you plug in someone else's earphones and try it. if it is till coming out of one ear
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How do you hear sounds on an iPod touch without headphones?

It should be able to play sounds and all with or with headphones... Try holding down the power button and turn it off completely then, turn it back on. If it doesnt work, try