What do you do if you fall in love with someone while in a relationship with someone who you also love?

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Which woman REALLY makes you feel better about everything. Which woman will see you through anything, the good, the bad, and the ugly? Which woman makes you feel like you are the only man in the world when she's with you, it's about you and not her? Who makes you feel good about being you? Good Luck!
Well staying with both is almost never an option. It will lead to heartbreak and misery for all involved. At least by choosing wisely, two of you get to enjoy happiness, the third will find their way again. So my opinion is this, you can be with someone for a long long time and they never really know who you are, or even try and find out. However you can meet someone new and within a matter of days, you feel like they have known you your whole life. The reverse is also true and infatuation can cloud the issue. The feelings this can create can be incredibly intense and overthrow your normal state of mind so be careful. When you filter through your emotions, you should follow your heart. It's easier to be happy with problems than trouble free and miserable. >RUG

The only thing I could tell you is your playing double jeopardy. That will hurt 3 people including youself..
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Can you have a relationship with someone who does not love you back?

Well neither of you will be happy, and it probably won't last. But don't sell yourself short if this person doesn't love you then maybe you shouldn't be together. Being in lov

In love with someone in a relationship?

These things never end well. That person is taken and you need to try your best to forget about them. They will not be yours and even if you do get them you will not have them

Is falling in love and loving someone the same?

Time will tell. Falling in love is transitory and all too short. Loving someone has the elements of more time together, knowing their foibles and liking them. Sort of like hav

How can you make someone you love to also love you?

The sad fact is that you can not. It's hard to hear, and we have all been in the position where we love someone whom we wish to spend the rest of our lives with, there is on

What do you do if you're in a relationship but are falling in love with someone else?

Find where they stand in your likeness range. You either like the new person your falling for more than your original mate, or you like the new person your falling for, an

How can i fall in love with someone i don't love?

get to know them better, make some memories, take some pictures, and force yourself.. Answer . You cannot force yourself to love someone you don't love. I don't care how har

What can a man do to have a good relationship with someone he wants to fall in love with?

First off, be yourself! This is very important because you want the person to be in love with you as well, therefore you need to show them who you truly are. Example: Your r

What to do in a abusive relationship with someone you love?

Seek help! Abuse emotionally& physically is harmful to a persons well being. First talk to a friend or close relative, seek counseling then decide whether to work on the relat

How can you love someone but not want a relationship with them?

well thats a difficult question. but it could be because you see him or her as a best friend or brother or sister. and you care too much about them to date them. Answer It c