What do you do if you have a annoying sister?

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well, two options kill her- or deal with her the rest of your life....
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Why are sisters so annoying?

Girls in general don't actually mean to be so annoying. If they do you should try to leave them alone for a bit, especially if they're kids ---- little sisters may be annoying because during their period they may get different mood swings because of their aches. Little sisters are annoying becau (MORE)

Why are little sisters annoying?

They probably just seem annoying to you, but in reality, they probably just want to spend time with you and get your attention. She probably looks up to you and wants you to be proud of her. She just doesn't know how to get your attention. Play games with her and include her in some of your activit (MORE)

Why are little sisters so annoying?

I'm guessing that your little sister is currently being very irritating to you, however I could be wrong... They may seem annoying because they are young and less mature than you, but count your blessing, girls mature faster and earlier than boys, so be glad you don't have an annoying little brot (MORE)

Can sisters be annoying?

Anyone can be annoying at some point in time. I have a sister and we get on most of the time, but obviously there is going to be some dispute between you. When isn't there? You're related!

Why is your sister so annoying?

They grow up to slow and don't mature fast enough. just hope that eventually the devil living in your house will soon grow up and listen and learn. i dare anyone who is reading this to persuade your little sister to go outside and yell i have a stinky face even if the neighbors are outside. results (MORE)

How do you annoy your sister?

Well sisters are kind to you. I've got a little sister and we are always sharing and caring for each other. But sometimes they can be annoying so here is three positive things to kind of annoy your sister: *Steal her things but when she starts to get angry or is starting to cry give it back. *Mes (MORE)

What to do with annoying sister-in-law?

A sister-in-law can be a handful, particularly if she is insecure, if you are successful, and/or if she feels that her family has embraced you more than it ever has her. The more she resents you, the more miserable she will make every moment that she is around you. If whatever attempts you have m (MORE)

Is your sister annoying?

No, my sister is great. well my sister is awesome just like any one else P.S.:mine is awesomer my sister is annoying she evens never let me alone for a while i love her but annoying p.s loving it yes although as i get older i find she is becoming less so

Why are older sisters so annoying?

Well I have two older sister and I think it is because they are so jelouse of you and they show it through teasing you but think of it as a privalidge cause you probably get things that they want so you can tease them by using all the things they want and you got they will calm down after that. t (MORE)

What do you do with an annoying little sister?

Haha, sorry got to live with her. Have a sister of my own but still gotta live with her 1: raise your eyebrows and tell her to stop 2: if she keeps chattering make the most ugliest face ever that will burn anyone's eyes out and threaten to tell an adult 3: if they laugh put on head phones and (MORE)

What do you do when little brothers and sisters are annoying you?

In all generations of siblings there will always be siblings annoying their other sibling. In the 1950s my brother was 6 1/2 years younger than I and I found him to be the misery of my life. I use to try and get secret punches in at him when my parents weren't looking and I had no use at all for my (MORE)

Are younger sisters annoying or older sisters more annoying?

Older sisters can be that way.Sometimes they feel responsible for you, sometimes they just want to control you, sometimes they just want to annoy you. Most of the annoyance stems from love of their little sister. Any person who is a little older and has experienced life a bit more, feels compelled t (MORE)

Does your sister always annoy you?

yes my younger sister is always annoying me and i hate it! she hogs everything and never lets me have a chance for having quality time with my parents without her spoiling it all the time!! AARRGH!

How do you annoy your big sister?

u annoy them by mocking them or eavesdrop on their conversation with her boyfriend or friend. hit them and run. make silly faces in their faces. trust me they'll get annoyed. do something evil, then something cute. that will make her guilty and you can blackmail her for it. color on her while she is (MORE)

Why are younger sisters so annoying?

b/c they r now deal w/ that you big fat ugly butt good 4 nothing loser if you ask this question again it means that you really don't have a life which is funny cause since you already asked it, it means that you don't have a life 2 begin w/ i so hope that didn't help pce out suck (MORE)

How do you annoy your younger sister?

Do annoy here it is fun and it's funny you can put itching powder in her bed and you can tickle her or tell her secrets(which is a really good one 5 stars) but she will probably kill you.

How do you get rid of a annoying sister?

tell your sister to leave you alone. and if she doesn't tell a parent or guardian. you can ask for a lock for your room. if that doesn't work hide in a room that does have a lock. she will get bored and run off. but tell her that you will do something for her if she stops. hope you have good luck.

How do you annoy your little sister?

Having a littler sister myself, I know many ways: Make weird noises when she is talking on the phone Walk in and out of the room that she's in making as much noise as possible Take something that she uses lots and put it in a place where she would never look Take her clothes and put them in (MORE)

Why are sister so annoying?

Sisters are annoying because they want to be just like you. Have you ever noticed how she is always wanting to be around you? Mine is the same way, but I have managed to get over it. It's only because she loves you. If you wait a while you will definitely see that as they get older they become less (MORE)

How do you shut up annoying sisters?

if she is Little. tell her your going to tell your mom or dad if she doesn't. If she is big.... well, try to scream so loud she well stop talking.

Why are big sisters so annoying?

Whether its big sisters or big brothers, relationships between siblings usually go through rough patches. Many times, these relationships smooth out as they grow up. Trust me. I have 2 big sisters. They are annoying because they think that they are so cool, but actually they aren't. You see, they (MORE)

Why are sisters always so annoying?

They are not always, and when you get older you you agree. You will be happy to have her. I used to think the same of my sister. We would bother each other to the point of slapping the other. We are now in our teenage years and are very good friends. If you are a guy I'm not going to say that you a (MORE)

How do you cope with an annoying sister?

The best way to cope with a sibling that is annoying is to not feedinto them. Do not fight with them, or yell back, just ignore themand they will go away. Honestly they want to get a rise out of you,so don't let them.

What do you do with an annoying big sister?

There's not really much to do about a big sister. They see you as twice as annoying as you see them. The best way to deal with them is to not do things you know will upset them such as asking tons of questions, hanging around them when they're with their friends, tattling or complaining about them o (MORE)

How can you annoy a sister?

I have a sister so I know! Here are some things:-Sit on top of her -Bite her head -Tell her secrets to her friends -Mess up her bed Those are all the ones I can think of right now. Sorry! But if you have anymore questions about siblings, email me at gremidog@gmail.com

What if your sister is annoying what do you do?

to get back at your sister i would probably put something in her bed or get and old book with old blank pages and make it about her and then copy all her secrets in it and once you have photocopy the pages and give them to some people at your sisters school. Warning: only do it if you want to suff (MORE)

How do you get your little sister to stop annoying you?

do pranks on her and if that doesn't work annoy her - or you might try being nice to her and then asking her to pleasenot be doing the annoying things because you love her and when shetries to annoy you it makes you feel bad.

How can you annoy your little sister?

Why would you want to do this? As the older one you should be nice to her and spend time with her. You are lucky to have a little sister that(or one day will) look up to you. When you get older you look back on this time you had with her.

What do with annoying sisters?

just ignore them, if that doesnt work hang out with some friends that doesnt require her to go. that will take her off your mind.

How do you deal with an annoying sister?

Well, if she's bothering you, you need tell her what she's doing wrong. if she continues, you need to tell your parents, and they will deal with her. that's my best bet, man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If your sister starts to annoy you, just walk away. DON'T START PUNCHI (MORE)

Do brothers annoy sister?

Yes...brothers and sisters anoy each other because the brother see's the sister as five years older so the sister is more mature and knows how to annoy the brother alot more so then the brother gets a little older like ten years old and annoys the sister to where she doesnt know what to say and if s (MORE)

Annoying sister what do you do?

ignore her she is just trying to get attention or stuff that annoy her MORE than she does you if she annoys you too much try to tell your mom and dad about it and if that doesn't work tell her you'll never speak to her again if she doesn't stop.

How do you annoy your brothers and sisters?

In a book I had read how to annoy your brothers and sisiters. 1. don't do any of those things until you pepered for a war 2. put a ball in a pant's. thatis how to annoy.

What do you do about annoying little sisters?

Well you should probably tell your mom or dad and make sure they talk to your sisters about bugging you. Either that or establish some rules around you. (Again, talk to mom or dad about it.)

How can you get rid of annoying brothers and sisters?

You will never be able to get rid of your brother and sister even if they are annoying because that is what siblings do and you just have to be the good guy(person) and ignore. that way you don't get in trouble! And by the way, always remember that you love them deep, deep, deep, deep, deep(very (MORE)

What to do when your brother and sisters annoy you?

go in your room put head phones in and listen to music if u dont have an ipod put the radio on and if you share a bed room with the siblin then go into another room and just calm down trust me i have to older sisters and one younger brother i get annoyed alot!!

Why are little brothers or sisters annoying?

Because we are constantly in contact with them. We are so similar yet so different. We have to share a common ground ( the house). And we are always in competition, even when we don't mean to be(whether it be in grades, crafts, mom/dad, ect). And most of all because we are the onlder ones and we a (MORE)

How do you get your sister to not annoy you?

depends how old she is. If she is like 7 8 or 10 those kinds of ages then you should ignore her and get her something and say you cant have it if you annoy me. If shes older like 13-16 something like that its best you say something really smart like in your vocabulary. just talk to her like if she k (MORE)

Why is my little sister is so annoying?

well depends on what you meen by annoying if she ask you what things mean or things like that it is beacause she wants to know things like wouldnt you want to know what the square root of pi if your friends repeatedly ask you that