What do you do if you have a loose tooth?

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Loose Baby Teeth
A loose "baby tooth" will normally come out on its own through normal chewing. Occasionally they are swallowed, but that is harmless. If the tooth has not fallen out by the time the permanent tooth erupts, it may need to be removed by the dentist.

Loose Permanent Teeth
There are two usual possibilities: your tooth is fractured, or you are suffering from gum disease that weakens the tissue firmly holding the tooth.
If your tooth is fractured, you would probably feel pain from cold. But when your tooth is loose, the most common reason is your gums. If you are suffering from gum disease, you must get it treated right away before your tooth gets too loose and you would have to remove it. You should consult a dentist or a periodontist (gum speacialist) who will start with a tooth scaling and maybe a curetage depending of how advanced your condition is.
In rare cases, diseases or medications can weaken the bone that anchors your tooth. The living root is the important lifeline that keeps a tooth healthy, and damage to the bone or the root can make a tooth less rigid.

Your dental professional is the best person to consult on tooth problems. You should avoid any delay that can allow a bad situation to become worse.
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What do you do for a loose tooth that has been chipped?

Answer . If the tooth was loose due to impact, you should seek a dentist. They may be able to fix it. For the chip, the dentist can also repair that. I had a similar experience where I fell, and chipped a tooth and caused it to be loose. The dentist repaired the appearance of the tooth and th (MORE)

Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled when it is loose?

not all the time. It doesn't really matter if it's loose. You'll still be getting the one or two (probably two) shots of novicane near your tooth in your gums which is the most painful part. Getting your tooth actually pulled out feels the same any way, loose or not(That part isn't all that bad wit (MORE)

How do you pull out a very loose tooth?

If the tooth is very loose, just pull on it with toilet paper, if it is ready it will come out without pain. if it comes out hold a paper towel or toilet paper over the hole until bleeding stops.

What strengthens a loose tooth?

Generally a loose tooth will strenghthen over time, however you must not have tough food and try not to use the tooth unless absolutely necessary. If your tooth has became loose due to being knocked or being punched it will re-root itself over time this can take a couple of weeks. In the mean time t (MORE)

How can you get a loose tooth out?

You just have to pull it out with a lot of force because your tooth is not connected with your gums, it is only held by some tissue, so you are not doing any harm.

Should you have a loose tooth at 10?

yes its totally normal but theirs two answers to this question the second one is that some people mature faster then others and some slower it is a matter of life and if you matter faster or not

How do you get rid of your loose tooth?

try pulling it up if its on the bottom row or down if its on the top. pull it in one direction for 10 seconds then go the other way for 10 seconds. also chew on a piece of ice every 15 minutes. try biting into an apple. be paitent and try asking your parent or a friend to pull it out. as scary as i (MORE)

Can a loose molar tooth be saved?

I don't think so, but ask your dentist. My dentist insisted on pulling one of my molars, because he said , correctly, that he could move it with his finger and it would only cause me trouble, if left in.

What do you do when you loose a tooth?

Use a tissue or paper towel to stop any bleeding. If there isn't any blood, don't worry, as this often happens. If it was a natural loss, do what you want with the tooth, but if it was forced ice the tooth and go to the dentist immediately to have it put back.

Your tooth is loose and hurts what do you do?

Well, if the tooth hurts only a little bit, try gargling warm water with a pinch of salt in it. If the tooth hurts unbearably, (like a canine), then you should buy tooth/gum cream and apply it. If it is a canine, then it will hurt a lot while coming out (esp the bottom canines) Hope I helped :)

Can an adult tooth become loose?

Yes by bacteria getting up under the cuff and causing the gum to recede, or by resorption of the tooth root.. If one is, call your dentist

How do you get a loose tooth?

Start shaking your tooth. If thatdoesn't work than tie a string to your tooth and a door knob and close the door fast. P.S. You will need 2 people for this.

Do dogs have loose tooth?

yes, dogs can have loose teeth. Unless a dog gets hurt around the mandible area and the teeth is knocked out of place.

What do you eat if you have a loose tooth?

You're saying you want to take off the tooth? You can wiggle it or push it with your tongue. Right now i have a loose tooth and i want it to get ot out! It hurts though :( but anyways you can eat something crunchy or hard like carrots,apples, etc..... hope that helped!

How do you pull a loose tooth easliy?

Well, if your tooth is hurting really bad, i would suggest getting some Orajel from your local pharmacy to stop the pain and numb the tooth. Do not use the doorknob trick, as it will damage your gums and make it hurt even more. I suggest drying the tooth with a dry paper towel or tissue, and then tw (MORE)

What makes a baby tooth loose?

When you start to grow up, all your baby teeth will eventually start to loosen by them selves. Its because your adult teeth are growing so it pushes your baby teeth to make it loose~

How do you make a tooth loose?

you cant really make a tooth loose.teeth come out when their ready.if you take a tooth out that's not ready youll be toothless until another tooth grows back.hope this helps .opoeration

How do you take out your loose tooth?

Out with the Tooth Our users spit it out: . If it hurts a lot but, and most of the tooth is out, apply even pressure with your tongue and push forward. This always works for me. I recommend trying this. But only do this if the pain and looseness of the tooth prohibits you from eating solid f (MORE)

How do you pull out a tooth that is not loose?

On pulling a not loose tooth seems pretty easy. I had a not loose tooth then all I did was push it out then push it in. It doesn't hurt at all! It also automatically falls out cos it will get loose and then pull it!

What can you do for a loose tooth?

Well I would start pushing on your tooth super hard or if you are super desperate then grind your teeth. Grinding them only works for the front teeth unless you want you back ones flat. Even more desperate use a clean wrench. I am very serious. I hoped this helps!

Is it okay to pull out a loose tooth?

Usually, a child will play with a tooth until it is loosened enough to come right out. They can try to pull it, but if it is causing pain stop. It will come out when it is ready, and shouldn't really hurt.

When you have a loose tooth?

When you have a loose tooth, don't force it too come out.Just wiggle little by little and evensually it should come out.If you force to come out and it does come out,you'll be toothless for a pretty long time.(This is ture,I tried it before).Also don't just push it as hard as you can or if the root (MORE)

How do you get a loose tooth without wiggling it?

Diet - if you don't eat enough fruits or veggies. Falls/Hits - If you fall down and smack your face or jaw it can sometimes do it or if you get in a fight (like teenagers have a tendancy to do) you could get punched or kicked in the face.

How do i yank out a tooth that's not loose?

You can yank a tooth out that is not loose by wrapping a string around it and pulling it with rapid force. Another option is to use a pair of pliers to physically pull it from the jaw.