What do you do if you like a guy who might like your friend but says he doesnt fancy her and he sometimes acts nice towards you?

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Don't dump your friendship over a guy!! Friends are here for you, to help you through thick and thin! Toss the guy to the curb. Chicks before d**ks, man... trust me....
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How can you demonstrate your feelings that you like her towards a girl who is your best friend and have an awesome friendship amd sometimes acts as if she likes me because of things she says?

Answer . as you do not state your age and whether this is a first relationship an answer is limited to generalisations. I would first say that you should consider that if

This guy doesnt like you but he acts like he does all your friends say he likes you hes shy and doesnt admit his true feelings you asked him out and he said no but started being nice and smiles a lot?

Previous Comment: I really don't know how to give you a straight up answer because I just asked kind of the same question. I have the same problem and I don't know what to

Does a guy like you when he says he doesnt to all your friends but acts like he does like you?

he may like you, but i cant say he loves you. he might have a little crush on you, or maybe when he acts like he likes you, hes onli joking about with you because everyone thi

If a guy says like does it mean in fancy or friend?

If this friend has been just your friend for a while it means that he could be flirting with you. If you don't know him as a friend he could really like you. take it slow and

If a guy is really nice to you and everybody thinks they fancy you and then he goes back to his girlfriend and acts like you dont even exist does he like you?

No, that just means that he likes to flirt and act like a heart breaker! never fall for guys like this! I was in the situation and I ended up disappointed a couple of times bu

What do you do if you like a guy but he doesnt like you but he likes your friend?

Honey, you have to let this one go and move on. You can't force someone to want to be with you. If he really likes your friend and she likes him, too, chances are that they wi
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What to do if your best friend likes the guy that fancies you?

You should let your best friend know that you like the guy, and that you really have your eye on him. If she still doesn't understand then you might want to give your friendsh