What do you do if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you and now that he's talked about it you want to have the baby too but you want your parents to be supportive but you know they won't be?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThis is a decision you have to make for yourself. Remember, you're the woman and you're gonna have to be extremely responsible. Your parents s (MORE)

How do you tell your boyfriend you want to have a baby?

If the subject of children hasn't come up before this needs to be handled delicately. First of all "YOU" must consider all the following. Are you financially ready, do you fee (MORE)

What should you do if my boyfriend wants a baby?

You say this : "If you like it then you shoulda puta ring on it...". Until you have committment, i.e.-MARRIAGE...don't bring kids into the situation. One, it leaves him with (MORE)

How can you tell your boyfriend you want to have a baby?

Let him know that you love him enough to bring a child into both your lives that will be part of each of you. Let him know that most of all you want him to be the father of yo (MORE)

What do you do when your boyfriend wants a baby?

Under no circumstances consider having a baby unless it's what you want. If he wants to have a baby, why hasn't he committed to you yet. You would have been able to say husban (MORE)

How do you talk to your boyfriend about you wanting a baby?

This is a difficult question to answer. You yourself really need to look at this situation. It is a maternal instinct for a female to want babies or to even just want to be pr (MORE)

You want a baby but your boyfriend doesn?

Get an abortion trust me.. its not as bad as every1 says it is... i was extremely anti-abortion.. but after its done its not that bad.. and give it so they can do stem cell re (MORE)