What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

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Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question
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What should you do if you are in love with both your current boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nEither make a decision and pick one or face the fact that you are emotionally immature and will never be able to have a real relationship.\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou just want it all! You weren't fair with your ex and now you aren't fair with your present boyfriend. (MORE)

How do you choose between a 19 years relations and a five years relation but you love them both?

Answer . You need to have a place to be able to reflect on this matter alone. Take the time to open your heart and look honestly at what your situation is right now. You've been with one 19 years,does that not justify that you do love this person. If you didn't you'd been gone long ago.Do you ha (MORE)

If a guy you like asks you out but you have a boyfriend and you like them both the same who do you choose?

You are the only one who can answer this question. This is all part of growing up and beginning relationships. There will always be "one better" no matter how old you get. If the present boyfriend ever finds out that you dated another guy, he may get quite upset, and rightly so, just as you would sh (MORE)

You just started talking to my Ex-boyfriend again after 9 years we are both married and live in different states both have kids but you know you still love him and you believe he still loves you?

You are both married, you both have children with other people... in a sense that answers your question before you have even asked it. One of the things that is so difficult with being married with kids and in a normal routine; when someone comes along from your past and all of those exciting fee (MORE)

Your boyfriend and I are both 12 and I really love him But everyone else in our grade hates him What should I do?

You shouldn't do anything, it doesnt matter what everyone else thinks, if you like him then you like him. At age 12, you are much to young to fully realize what "love" really means. Love doesn't happen overnight - it is cultivated from many years in a relationship. As far as "friendship" is concern (MORE)

How do you show equal love to both kids?

show them the type of love that every parent needs to give their kids. equal love is emotional,be a thankful mom that you have two amazing kids. don't share one love that jigglez inside show them all of it. not one because that right there just tells me you don't care to eat the other apple. hi my n (MORE)

In love with an ex and both of you are married?

Cheating is the lowest form one partner can do to another so it's better for each of you to be honest with your partners and divorce and marry each other. If marriage is not an option for either of you and you are having an affair then it isn't love. Either commit to each other or stay with your mat (MORE)

How do you get your girl back when she loves you and her ex boyfriend and wants both?

You don't you forget about her. ANSWER: Don't play on fire or else it will come back to you and really hit you. Maybe we can love two person but you can't really have both of them especially if the other one is your ex. Think about it why did this guy become your ex, if its real love for this m (MORE)

Your boyfriend is lovely but you can seem to find a conversation you can both relate to Can anyone help?

Sounds like a bad idea.. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship - if you can't find common ground and talk to each other, what is the basis of the relationship in the first place? If the two of you have a hard time making conversation, that might be a sign that it may be (MORE)

You cant love your new boyfriend why?

it's most likely that you are not over your ex-bf, or it might be that you are scared to get hurt again, based upon your previous relationships; thoughts are probably roaming through your head bring this fear of him doing the same thing, therefore, your brain tries to prevent this hurt and your hear (MORE)

I have an ex boyfriend and we both are with someone he swears he want to be with me and he loves me how do you if its the truth?

If this guy is willing to give up his current girlfriend for you then he would of already done so . If he has , then there is a sign of truth . If he is still currently with his girlfriend and tells you he will break up with her for you .. then he is most likely to break up with you later on for ano (MORE)

What do you do if you love your ex boyfriend and your current boyfriend and they both want a baby with you?

If you love your ex boyfriend, dump the current boyfriend and go back to the ex. Marry him, and then have his baby. . Rule #1: Do not under any circumstances have a baby with someone you don't love. . Rule #2: Do not under any circumstances have a baby you can't afford to raise. . Rule #3: Think, (MORE)

'I have always loved you and I miss you dearly'?

ba ghrá liom thu i gcónaí agus crothnaím thú go daor pronounced buh graw lum hoo ih go-nee oggus kruh neem hoo guh dare or bhí grá agam duit i gcónaí agus crothnaím thú go daor pronounced vee graw oggum ditch ih go-nee oggus kruh neem hoo guh dare or char (MORE)

What if You love a girl but she loves smeone else you cant live without her what to do?

Let her go - you will only hurt yourself holding on.. Fill your time with things you enjoy doing, or exercise, or focus on something else so your mind is filled and you don't have time to think about it. "If you let it go and it comes back it was always yours but if it does not return it never was (MORE)

How do you get your ex boyfriend that your still in love with back and your both single?

To be honest he's an ex for a REASON. Whatever it was that broke you two up, you need to have some sort of relationship. It's best to talk, and hang out as friends. Work your way up with the occasional flirt like touching his arm or the longer friendly hugs and smiles. Make the other person feel com (MORE)

Whom do you choose between brother and husband when your brother ask you to choose and you love both of them equally?

Any answer of either option here would be pure opinion on part of the person answering. I'm guessing that if your brother has gone to the extreme of offering you this ultimatum, there are some deep issues going on within your family relationships at the moment. You are the only person who knows what (MORE)

What should you do if you have a boyfriend and you cheated on him with your ex and you're still in love with your ex but you love them both?

Decide which one you love more. If it was me, i'd stay with the new boyfriend, for your ex boyfriend is your ex because something obviously went wrong in the relationship. You still love him cuz that's your old love your always gonna have feelings for him, but watever you do, i woouldnt tell you new (MORE)

How do you choose between your boyfriend and another guy you love?

You choose by the person that makes you feel more comfortable. Chose whoever makes you laugh, blush, and happy. You need someone who also understands you better than the other one. Breakups aren't easy but you'll get over all that stuff. Choose whoever your heart wants to be with. Answer Love t (MORE)