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What do you do if your girl unzips your pants?

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get ready not to be a virgin anymore
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Why girls pull up their pants?

Because us girls have wide hips and they can slip down easily. Also we wear really tight jeans so we have to wiggle to get them up.. They slip down expecially when we sit - th

Do girls have a fetish for plastic pants?

I've known a few. So the answer is yes, but comparatively few in number vs the male gender. Marc i know quite a few girls who like wearing plastic pants to be cute and girly.i

Why do teenage girls pee in their pants?

Some might have just a weak bladder. Some might just find it easier than go somewhere else, and in some cases it might be the pressure of friend group.
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How do you finger a girl with her pants on?

well you just have to try to do it as if her pants werent there. you may have to use some more force though post more questions and info in the discussion. thank you You c