What do you do when you added too much flour to your stew?

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You can either add some more water or add some more stock .If you add more wqater then you should add some more flavouring or whtaever you have been using to flavour it.
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How can you neutralize too much salt in a stew?

Put 2 large peeled raw potatoes in your stew. It will soak up theextra salt. After 20 minutes to 1/2 hour, taste your stew and if itis still a little salty let the stew brew f

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Adding to much flour effects the cupcake . Well adding to much flour in to cupcakes can make them bigger also when you will want to put a flavor in it you want fell it. A

How do you neutralize black pepper after adding too much to a stew?

Unfortunatly there is not much that can be done in this case.. Black pepper should be used in small amounts near the end of cooking as a final seasoning.. If its to peppery

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How do fix stew that has had to much salt added?

Peel a potato and drop it in the stew. It'll suck up some salt. Cut it up if you're in a hurry, or add more than one potato. A bit of sugar will help neutralize the salty flav

You put too much sugar in stew how do reduce?

Unfortunately you might be out of luck. The only thing I can think of would be to increase the amount of broth in the stew to try to water it down. Once sugar is in you can