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What do you do when your keyboard makes a letter with a letter e with a French accent instead of a question mark?

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The letter é is activated by accidentally pressing Ctrl+fn+right Shift.

To deactivate:

Press Ctrl+fn+right Shift.
Let go.
Press Ctrl+fn+right Shift AGAIN.

Now type question mark as usual.


I'm not sure what type of computer the above instructions are for, but if you are on a Windows computer, just hold the alt button down and type 0233. This only works if you are on a full sized keyboard (not a laptop keyboard).
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What are the accent marks in french?

e' = accent aigu = makes the sound of the a in age.   e` = accent grave = makes the e sound in best. Also in miche`le and fre`re   e^ = circon flexe = makes the e soun

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Assuming you have a full US QWERTY keyboard (otherwise try and adapt it): 1. Ensure that numlock is on. 2. Now hold in the "Alt" key and type 130 on the numpad. 3. Release th

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-- Words from French use a mark called an acute accent over an E to indicate it has an A (ay) sound, which is the French sound of the pair "et." This letter is found in words

How do you make an accent mark above letters on a PC?

you google the word, then copy paste the accents onto your work, OR go down to the bottom right side of your computer, it should show the time, then ther's a little mini menu