What do you get from India?

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You can get many things such as spices, jewels, artefacts, decorations, and many more...hope this helped!
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How is India?

Absolutely Great India is doing fine. It is improving in many fields (: The education is very good... welll its proven that India is top in education soo good job to them (:

Who is who in India?

What do you mean who is who in India? but I think every Indian is an Indian, no matter what religion they are from. Indians have reached the moon, they are doctors, surgeons,

How can you get to India?

Well If you like in europe of north america you have to go by plane but if you live in asia and close to india you might be able to drive. from north america to india it t

Where about is India?

it's in Asia i think you should pay more attention in geoggers _________________________________________________________ hi there, India is a country in Asia .. it ha

What do they do in India?

India is developing country, the Indian people excel in every fields and sitting on higher posts in most of the big company around the world. we proud to be Indian.

What to do in India?

The better question is what not to do in India! There is so much to do for any type of person. If you like adventure, eating, history, culture etc., there is definitely someth

What can you do in India?

you can go to visit the river Jamuna and go to a national park were the famous tiger is and the wild pig is

What is there to do India?

There are many things. India, being one of the most geographically and genetically diverse countries, has a lot to offer to tourists. Visit the vibrant metropolis of Mumbai, o

What you can do for India?

any thing you want charity work,voulnteer service................ any thing you name it You Halp To Helpless people who need your Help . . . that bless change your life if

What does India have?

India has large population and large army basej. India is self sufficiend In Rice and Wheat Production. India has 28 states. India has large amount of underground water level.
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Who is India?

India is named by indus valley.
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What is the India?

India is the nation of the Asia of the world. It is the second the most sinned country in the world as it produces the humans at an the enormous rate the next only to the Chin
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Where is a India?

Please check the grammatical structure of this sentence.
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Where is india-?

India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Laccadive Sea, and the Bay of Bengal. It is also surrounded by Pakistan, Nepal, and Burma. India is situated on the lower portion o