What do you have to wear in Finland?

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Regular clothes, but do notice that the winter is really long and cold in Finland, so wearing warm clothing is advised

Where is Finland?

Finland locates in northern Europe, Scandinavia, next to Sweden and Russia. In Northern Europe, Fennoscandia, between Sweden and Russia and north of Estonia.

What do people wear in Finland?

Just about same clothes what people wear in USA and everywhere else... Not really any exceptional clothes what Finns would wear, just normal stuff what you get from stores..

What is Finland?

It is one of Europe's northernmost countries, and also one of Europe's largest producers of wood and timber. There are many famous things from Finland like, angry birds, no

Why is Finland?

Why not? I assume you mean "Why does Finland exist?," or, "How did Finland form?" Finland was formed by the Treaty of Versailes, which ended World War One. EDIT: No, Finland

What to wear in Finland?

Well first of all Finland has four seasons that are very distinctive from one another. Summer can be warm and dry (dryness makes the heat over hotter). In July you can wear sh

How can you get to Finland?

You can get to Finland with a ferry from Tallinn, Stockholm or StPetersburg, take a plane to Helsinki or Rovaniemi, or via road fromRussia, Sweden or Norway.
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How do you get to Finland?

Depends where you are. Usually a plane might help the process of getting to a new country.
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How is Finland?

Finland is good, thanks for asking.