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Singer/songwriter Portia Nelson is also an actress, author, painter and photographer. Among her many accomplishments, she has appeared on Broadway in numerous productions, hosted the radio program Sunday in New York,, appeared in films like The Sound of Music, Dr. Doolittle and The Trouble with Angels as well as in the TV soap opera All My Children. She also wrote the book There's a Hole in My Sidewalk, which was made into a musical featuring music, lyrics, direction and a performance by Nelson herself. Her song "Make a Rainbow" was performed at the 1993 inauguration of President Clinton.
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What does a poet do?

a poet is somebody who writes poems,especially as a vocation.a poet must be imaginative,creative and artistic.. thats all i got=]]

How does Portia die?

She swallowed hot coals or "swallowed fire" Portia "swallows fire" or hot coals she ate hot coal

Who was 'The Portia of Our Chambers'?

'The Portia of Our Chambers' was the term fictition barrister Horace Rumpole used to refer to his colleage, Phyllida Trant. In the series of stories she later married Claude Erskine-Brown, though she is clearly superior to him in character and intelligence. The interactions between the two character (MORE)

How tall is Portia De Rossi?

\nThere is a chance that these websites are wrong because Ellen showed her audience (on her show) that she is taller than Portia, Ellen is listed as being 5' 7.5" nearly everywhere, but here is a list of heights that Portia is:\n. \npeople.famouswhy.com say Portia is 5' 8"\ncelebheights.com say Por (MORE)

Who was nelson?

There is more than one Nelson. . If you are asking about Lord Nelson, british 18th century warhero: . Horatio Nelson was born on 29th September, 1758, in the NorthNorfolk village of Burnham Thorpe, where his father was the localrector. His mother died when he was nine, and Hotatio was just 12when (MORE)

Why do you know Nelson Mandela?

nelson Mandela changed the way the world thought about how to treat different races. He later became president of South Africa. That's how we know him.

How do you know that Gunnar Nelson and Lauren are serious?

Well, the fact that they are still together after a year and a half makes it seem like it's serious and also that they are living together but after their very public argument they had after the Scrap Metal show back on October 4th I figured they would have broken up but I guess not. If you didn't k (MORE)

What is a nelson?

A Nelson is a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind and the hand is applied to the neck (half nelson).

When did Portia die in Julius Caesar?

She "swallowed fire, and died," this most closely means that she either ate hot coals or shoved a torch down her throat either way that is a painful way to die

Did William Shakespeare know any poets?

Shakespeare was certainly acquainted with Ben Johnson with whom hewent drinking before his death, and who wrote Shakespeare's eulogy.He collaborated with other poets and playwrights throughout hiscareer as well.

How does Portia prove her strength to Brutus?

Portia shows her strength to Brutus by stabbing herself in the thigh. She did this to prove that just because she is a woman, that doesn't mean that she can't be as strong as him.

How did portia save antonio's life?

In "A Merchant of Venice," Portia dresses like and impersonates alawyer to save Antonio's life. She warned Shylock that his pound offlesh does not consist of blood, and if he kills Antonio, all ofhis lands and goods will be confiscated by the state for himthreatening the life of a Venetian citizen.

What has Portia done to show Brutus that she is worthy of knowing his secret?

The main thing that Portia does is stab herself in the thigh. She does this to proove to Brutus that she can bear pain for him. She also blabs on about how much she knows her place but she wanted to know anyway. She gets herself so worked up that in the end she says she feels like Brutus' privat (MORE)

You want to know about the English poet shirley toulson?

TOULSON, SHIRLEY Shirley Toulson has been writing books on the social history of the countryside since 1974. She is a leading authority on ancient tracks and drove roads and is the author of 'The Drovers' Roads of Wales' and 'The Drovers Roads Shirley Toulson, who lives in Somerset, was drawn into (MORE)

Why was William Wordsworth know as the poet of nature?

He lived his life in nature as he born where field was near so he used to go there and write poems on nature.And people loved his poems about nature so they start calling him Poet of Nature.And he used to thought deeply about nature which people loved it so that was also the reason of calling him po (MORE)

What punishment did Portia impose on Shylock?

None. She was not the judge (although she is called a "judge" by the Duke, who is the real judge) and did not have the power to sentence Shylock. She did, however, advise the court that in her view Shylock fell under a statute which imposed a sentence of death or such lesser sentence as the court mi (MORE)

What is the relationship between Nerissa and Portia?

Nerissa and Portia's relationship is much like friends, when Portia often complains about the unfair nature of her father's trials for her marriage she tells her to stop being so ridiculous and to appreciate the fact her father had put something in place to ensure the best future for her. She is a v (MORE)

Why does portia send lucius to the capitol?

Portia sent Lucius to the capitol because she wanted her servant boy Lucius to tell Brutus that she was well and also check if Brutus was all right, also to check on the whereabouts of Caesar.

Why does portia stab herself?

Portia stabs herself because she wants to show Brutus her strength and that she can handle difficulties. She is a woman and she can be as strong as him. "She has but a man's mind but a woman's might."

Why is Portia famous?

Portia was the wife of Brutus in the time of Julius Caesar. Brutus was the one who killed Caesar, and Portia suspected a plot to assasinate Caesar. She killed herself by swallowing hot coals. She is famous because she was involved in the murder of Caesar, and in in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar (MORE)

How does Portia turn the tables on Shylock?

in the beginning of the case shylock wanted one pound of flesh from antonio's body .portia requested him to take thrice the sum of money antonia had taken from him.suddenly a idea struck portia's mind, she said that shylock can have pound of flesh but while doing this he should make sure that antoni (MORE)

Why is portia a strong women?

Because she believed that she could stick to her decision and kept her word to herself. She never gave up and felt that if she did, she would no longer be powerful and strong. The reason Shakespeare created this character is because, historians think, he was going through a difficult time that was t (MORE)

When did Portia DeRossi come out?

She openly admitted to being a lesbian during a 2005 interview with The Advocate, but she had already dated Francesca Gregorini and Ellen DeGeneres

Why does Portia feel betrayed?

Portia, the wife of Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, feels betrayed that she is not made privy to the conspiracy. She is the daughter of the famous statesman, Cato, and is no fool when politics are concerned. Brutus does not treat her very well; he does not include her in their conspiracy, the (MORE)

Anyone know James kirkup poet summary of no men are foreign?

One should keep in mind that no human beings are distant, unfamiliar or far off. Underneath any colour of any soldier's uniform belonging to any nation, another human being breathes the breath of life just like any other person. The land that even our political enemies walk upon is the same earth (MORE)

How did Portia save Antonio?

In Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, Antonio has borrowed money from Shylock on the condition that if he does not repay as of a certain date, Shylock can cut a pound of flesh from anywhere on Antonio's body. When Antonio is unable to repay on the date stipulated, Shylock seizes on the oppor (MORE)

How does Brutus react about portias death?

Portia dies by swallowing fire , or as we would say burning coal . Brutus reacts to her death is sorrow, but in calm sorrow - without weeping and such. He simply accepts her death and moves on.

Who was portia in Hamlet?

There's a Portia in Julius Caesar; there's a Portia in The Merchant of Venice, but there is no Portia in Hamlet.

How is Portia described in a Pound of Flesh?

"A Pound of Flesh" is not the name of the play. It's called The Merchant of Venice. And this is all the description you get of her: In Belmont is a lady richly left; And she is fair, and, fairer than that word, Of wondrous virtues: sometimes from her eyes I did receive fair speechless messages: He (MORE)

Why does portia want to marry bassanio?

She doesn't say. I don't think she even knows herself. But she had noticed Bassanio long before he came to Belmont and had been attracted to him for some reason.

How do you know if Thomas Nelson Community College in Virgina is closed on a certain day?

The best source of information for school closings in the UnitedStates is usually the local T.V. and radio stations. Radio stationsalmost always announce the list of closings they receive every fewminutes. Television stations usually run an ongoing list ofclosings across the bottom of the screen or (MORE)

Is portia racist?

There were may peolpe who were confused that whether Portia was a racist or not? I personally feel that Portia was a racist as when Portia's servant Balthazar announces the arrival of the Prince Of Morocco, Portia says to Nerrisa that " If he have the condition of a saint, and the complexion of a de (MORE)

Who was portia how did she help antonio?

In Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice, Bassanio wants tomarry a woman called Portia who is a wealthy orphan living at aplace called Belmont. In order to get to Belmont and make the rightimpression the penniless Bassanio borrows money from his friendAntonio. Antonio is worth the money but is i (MORE)

How did portia save antonios life?

She disguised herself as a lawyer, and presented some dubious arguments to a court desperate for some reason to disallow Shylock's suit. Apparently the Duke was too dim to think up the dubious arguments for himself.

What does Portia wear in the merchant of Venice?

The only requirement as to costume for Portia is when she is impersonating the lawyer Balthazar. At this point in the play she must wear clothes which a male lawyer might wear, consistent with the design and setting which the director has chosen for the production. This might consist of a business s (MORE)

Who did Portia learn about the conspiracy?

Portia learned of the conspiracy in Julius Caesar though herhusband Brutus. She makes only two appearances and her role is theonly substantial woman's part in the play. It is reported in thefourth act that she died by swallowing fire.