What do you mean by the phrase have gone out of the window?

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gone out the window means its disappeared from your MIND
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What is the meaning of the phrase 'tree at my window'?

Perhaps Robert Frost's poem will create some associations for you:. Tree at My Window by Robert Frost.. Tree at my window, window tree, My sash is lowered when night com

Where does the phrase gone for a Burton come from?

Gone for a Burton comes from "Going for a Beer". During the Second World War it was used in black humour when someone died in battle. Usually the RAF. They had not died or had

What is the meaning of the phrase the people keep a comin but the train done gone from the song Mary had a baby?

Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, in MARY HAD A BABY (A Bible Study based on African American Spirituals, published by Abingdon Press) writes: "In this version of 'Mary had a Baby,' this re

What does the phrase a window to the world mean?

A viewpoint; a position or attitude or belief or anything that colors everything you see in the world. [It is not an opportunity, but (in common American usage) a over-archi

What does something has gone a-rye mean ... and is a-rye the correct phrase or spelling?

First it is "awry" it means "away from the correct or expected course" According to Merriam Webster: Pronunciation: \ə-ˈrī\ Function: adverb or adjective D

How do I get a window up when the motor has gone out?

Depends on the vehicle. Sometimes you can pull up on the glass and push the button and the motor will move just a little bit. Eventually, you will get the window up. If that d

World of Warcraft chat window gone?

Try going to the official forums for World of Warcraft. They will be able to help you alot better. The address is listed below in the related links section.
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What does something has gone a rye mean and is a rye the correct phrase or spelling?

Awry (From Dictionary.com) a·wry [ uh -rahy] adverb, adjective 1. with a turn or twist to one side; askew: to glance or lookawry. . 2. away from the expect