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Checklist for Becoming a CPM Education - Select one of three options: Option 1: Complete seven required courses - available in classroom, online and home study.
  • MKL404 or MKL405 or MKL406
  • HRS402
  • MNT402
  • FIN402
  • ASM603
  • ASM604
  • ASM605
To check schedules or to register for a course, use the course schedule feature.

If you took IREM courses prior to 2005, find out which of these courses earn credit by reviewing the CPM Course Equivalency Chart Option 2
  • Hold a CCIM, CSM, PCAM, or RPA designation

  • Click here to learn about the CPM Course Libarary.
Option 3
  • Have an undergraduate or graduate degree (e.g. major, minor, or concentration) in real estate or property management

  • Click here to learn about the CPM Course Libarary.
Management Plan - Select one of two options.
For more information, and to download the Management Plan Handbook, click here. Option 1
  • Pass management plan on an actual property
Option 2
  • Pass management plan skills assessment (MPSA).
  • Pass the CPM certification exam
  • Attend ETH800 and pass exam
  • Pledge to uphold the IREM Code of Professional Ethics
  • Submit 3 Confidential Letters of Recommendation (provided at the time of candidacy approval)
  • 3 years (36 months) of qualifying real estate management experience as defined by IREM (click here for details on portfolio and functions minimums)
  • Minimum one year of CPM candidacy (maximum 10 years)
Other Requirements
  • Submit a CPM application with the application fee, which is $200 in 2009.
  • Be current with annual national and chapter dues. (2009 national dues are $470; chapter dues vary by chapter.)
  • Hold a real estate license or verify that you are not required to have one for your current position.
  • Be affiliated with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.
  • Attend two IREM chapter meetings or events during the 12 months immediately prior to CPM approval.
  • Be interviewed and approved by your IREM chapter.
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