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Temporary custody (3 months or less) can be granted by the parents of the minor child. Written documentation must be given by the parents so the caregiver adult can enroll the child in school, get medical care, and so forth. The date when care is to begin and end must also be included as well as financial agreements. For permanent or long term custodial rights the interested party must apply for guardianship in the appropriate state court (usually probate) in the city or county of residence. It is a given that many children live with grandparents and other relatives without means of a written parental agreement or court order. However, without such documentation it is not possible to enroll a child in school or other activities nor is it possible to obtain medical care for the child except in a life threatening situation. When such things occur, state social services usually become involved and it results in a lot of legal complications that could have been avoided if proper procedures were followed.
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What do you need to do if you want a friend of the family to get custody of your child?

  Answer     This is in regards to temporary custody only (meaning three months or less). In such a situation all that is needed is written authorization (prefera

How can I give custody of minor child to family member?

stacie amember of familyshe pregnant does want child for financial reasons but as famil,y member i will be getting the baby n mine n husband name will be on birth certificate.

Can you share joint custody with a family member?

If such a motion is approved by the court and is with the consent of the other biological parent, yes. Otherwise, the other parent has the right to object. If the other parent