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What do you need to travel inside the us by airplane?

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Just a plane ticket!
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Do you need a consent for your child to travel with grandparents inside the US?

No. There are no checkpoints as there are between countries so there is no way for the government to regulate that. It is perfectly legal for grandparents to travel in the US

Do you need a visa to travel to London from US?

US passport holders traveling as tourists will receive a Visa-On-Arrival from UK immigration during the arrival procedures.   Passport must be valid for the duration of you

What Oceans needed to cross to travel to the US?

  It depends where you're traveling from. The Pacific Ocean borders the western United States and the Atlantic Ocean borders the eastern United States. Alaska is bordere

Do you need a basic travel allowance to travel from the us to Australia?

I wonder why most people wont mention these facts because it doesnt affect them due to their Citizenship , Basic Travel Allowances do really exist . Yes , you need it . depe

Illegal immigrants travel with in the us on airplane?

  Whether or not an illegal in the country can travel within the US on an airplane is up for debate. I have one very good friend who is illegal, he snuck into the US six o

Can you travel inside the US with a green card?

Its mandatory for all 18 years and above to carry green card every where. Failing to do so you would be fined not exceeding 100 dollars and/or imprisoned not more than 30 days