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What doctor should you see for lesions on your penis?

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You should see a urologist However a GP should be able to help you to start with.
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Should you see a doctor during or after a miscarriage?

Answer . \nIt's adviseable to seek medical advice when you think you are going through a miscarriage for an ultrasound to detect any problems and to check for infections..

Should you see a doctor if you have a sprained finger?

It may not be a sprain even if you think it is. I thought I sprained my right middle finger but it was swollen and hurt for 2 months so I went to the orthopedic doctor and it

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Should you see a doctor if you think you had a miscarriage?

  MOST DEFINITELY! You could seriously harm yourself & possibly become sterile if you don't. If there are any "remains" left, you will have to have a "D&C", which is a p

Should you let your son see your penis?

I think its a natural thing and really, kind of unavoidable as your son has his own anyway. I'm a single dad and my son is 11, and where pretty relaxed. We both change with ou

What might cause lesions on your penis?

Lesions on the penis could mean that you have contracted some kind of STD (sexually transmitted disease). One of the main STDs that causes lesions or open sores on the penis i

When pregnant when should you see the doctor?

To begin with, as soon as you find out that you're pregnant you should make your first appointment to see the doctor. After you've been examined by the doctor, the doctor will

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As soon as you can. Gall bladder infections, or gall stones are not a laughing matter - both can make you feel quite ill. Gall stones can be effectively controlled via a low f