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What doctor should you see for lesions on your penis?

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You should see a urologist However a GP should be able to help you to start with.
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Should you see a doctor if you were in a car accident in which you were rear ended?

  Answer   Not a doctor, they will just medicate you which only covers up the problem. See a Chiropractor. It is likely your back is suffering from the trauma. There

When should a pregnant woman first see a doctor?

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Your family doctor can prescribe a round of antifungals like Sporonox or Lamisil, or you can see a dermatologist if you have a really bad infection.

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Should you see a doctor if you are on Coumadin and have a trace of blood in urine?

  In healthy people, a trace of blood in the urine on urinalysis can mean a bladder infection or other urinary tract infection is present or recently was, but when just a

Should you see a doctor if you think you had a miscarriage?

  MOST DEFINITELY! You could seriously harm yourself & possibly become sterile if you don't. If there are any "remains" left, you will have to have a "D&C", which is a p

Should you let your son see your penis?

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