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"ALOHA" is the most popular Hawaiian word known and spoken around the world. The Hawaiian word "Aloha" is among the most sacred and powerful of all Hawaiian words. Speaking it over time is said to have the power to transform one's attitude, heal one's negative emotions, and help to protect and guide one's lifetime journey.

ALOHA is a Hawaiian word meaning; "Hello, Goodbye, Love, Compassion, Welcome and Good Wishes ..." What is the true meaning of the "Hawaiian Aloha Spirit" ..? The Hawaiian Aloha Spirit like Love itself is beyond any total description of words yet like a Sunrise, Aloha must be experienced, felt within and then passed on to others. The letters of the Hawaiian word A-L-O-H-A help us to rememeber:

(A) AKAHAI [ Ah kah hai' ] (careful offering) In Hawaiian translated to mean: kindness, modesty, gentleness, unpretentiousness, being unassuming, unobtrusive, tenderness...
(L) LOKAHI [ Loh' kah hee ] (to obtain oneness) In Hawaiian translated to mean: unity, agreement, accord, unison, harmony...
(O) `OLU'OLU [ Oh' loo oh' loo ] (cool, refreshing) In Hawaiian translated to mean: agreeable, pleasantness, amiability, contentment, happiness, graciousness, congeniality, cordiality, affability...
(H) HA'AHA'A [ Hah' ah hah' ah ] (low) In Hawaiian translated to mean: humility, humbleness, self-effacing, modesty...
(A) AHONUI [ Ah hoh nui' ] (great breath) In Hawaiian translated to mean: patience, perseverance, endurance, long suffering, tolerance...

Another Hawaiian word which embraces the True Meaning of the word Aloha is: LOKOMAIKA'I ( pronounced: Loh koh mai' kah ee ) which in Hawaiian is translated to mean: "the good inside, good will, good disposition, generosity, grace, kindness, humanity, benevolence, beneficence" and last but not least; "Loving Kindness..."
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What is the meaning of Aloha?

The word "Aloha" is a Hawaiian word. As answers.com opened on mycomputer in a window called "Today's Highlights ...", it gaveanswers.com's definition of "Aloha" as follows: "Aloha. The traditional Hawaiian greeting means more than justhello and goodbye. According to ethymologists, the word alohabr (MORE)

What is pure aloha?

An ethernet-like protocol that permits all earth stations in one network to share a pool of inbound bandwidth.

What does aloha lani kuuipo mean?

I believe this means hello royal sweetheart.. aloha=hello. lani can mean royal. kuuipo=sweetheart. I believe this means hello royal sweetheart.. aloha=hello. lani can mean royal. kuuipo=sweetheart

Does aloha means love?

Aloha does Mean Love. It also means Hello and Hi and most positive greetings. This word comes from the Hawaiian Language that is often mentioned today.. Laurenily.

What does aloha kaua mean?

I have a native Hawaiian friend who defines aloha kaua in this way: "Aloha kaua - is sharing love between you and I. Aloha maua - is sharing love between all of us." I'm a student from Hawaii taking a Hawaiian language class and this is my answer: "Aloha kāua" is a formal greeting used by one (MORE)

What does Aloha e mean in Hawaiian?

The particle "e" in Hawai'ian is used to denote the imperative mood, or addressing someone in the second person. "Aloha" means generally "love" and contextually it can mean "hello," "goodbye," "hospitality," "welcome," etc. When we say "aloha e" or more formally "e aloha e," it is a way of saying "w (MORE)

Difference between pure aloha and slotted aloha?

1) Pure Aloha is a Continuous time system whereas Slotted Aloha is discrete time system. 2) Pure ALOHA doesn't check whether the channel is busy before transmission. Slotted ALOHA send the data at the beginning of timeslot. 3) Pure aloha not divided in to time .Slotted aloha divided in to ti (MORE)

What rhymes with aloha?

1 syllable : rohde 2 syllables : boda, broda, coda, goda, noda, oda, rhoda, roda, skoda, soda , toda 3 syllables : brigode, chiyoda, club soda, cream soda, isoda, jagoda, kuroda, laboda, niezgoda, prihoda, sal soda, shimoda, sloboda, sonoda, svoboda, swoboda, toyoda, yagoda 4 s (MORE)

What does Aloha no kakou mean?

aloha = love, greetings, farewell no = if it's just "no" without a horizontal line over the "o", it can mean "from" if there is a line, it means "indeed" kakou = us (3 or more people), can also mean "all of us" So: Aloha no kakou: Love/Greetings from us/all of us. (With a line over the (MORE)

Difference between pure aloha slotted aloha in networking?

1) Pure Aloha is a Continuous time system whereas Slotted Aloha is discrete time system. 2) Pure ALOHA doesn't check whether the channel is busy before transmission. Slotted ALOHA send the data at the beginning of timeslot. 3) Pure aloha not divided in to time .Slotted aloha divided in to (MORE)

Compare pure aloha and slotted aloha?

Pure ALOHA uses a very simple idea that is to let users transmitwhenever they have data to send. Pure ALOHA is featured with thefeedback property that enables it to listen to the channel andfinds out whether the frame was destroyed. Feedback is immediate inLANs but there is a delay of 270 msec in th (MORE)

What does 'ohana aloha mean?

Ohana = family Aloha = Aloha Aloha 'ohana = Aloha from our family to us, and from us to our family (greeting). 'Ohana aloha = A family with the spirit of aloha.

How loud is Aloha Stadium?

ive been to this stadium many times. aloha stadium can get veryloud when reaching full capacity at 50,000. from 45,000-40,000 itis still loud

Where did aloha originate?

It comes from different polynesian languages root words first usage mid 1800's, such as Samoan aroha (love) and Maori.

How do you pronounce Aloha au ia?

NOTE: The Hawaiian language is a phonetic language (almost like Spanish). Please keep that in mind when pronouncing the italicized words. It is also important that each vowel and/or diacritical mark in each word is pronounced clearly and correctly. Why? Because: au (ah-oo) = I ao (ah-oh) = Clou (MORE)

What is aloha Akbar?

My guess is that it is a Hawaiian trying to assert supremacy. However, if you intend to refer to the Arabic phrase "Allah huAkbar", it means "God is the Greatest". Saying this statement is areligious act among pious Muslims called "Takbir" or "Proclamationof Greatness".

What does aloha malu mean?

CORRECTED: Alohama lu (accent on the last syllable) is 'protected by love'. Be careful because if it is spelled with a long accent over the last 'u', it changes the meaning to 'secret love'. mallu means malayalee...one who comes from the state of kerala in south india

What does Aloha Aku mean?

it means you should take a visit to scrollbelow.com its a place where u can get all the answers for these kind of questions It means "give love"

What does the phrase aloha ahi'lani mean in English?

The colloquialism ahi'lani is a made up word meaning someone hot and beautiful (it is not a real word). The phrase is "Hi _____" (where the word is inserted as a person); or "I love ______" (where the word is inserted as a person). Alternate: Ahi is Hawaiin for fire and Lani is Hawaiian for (MORE)

What does aloha kakou?

Aloha: Answer: Tricky.... 1. As a greeting, it is hello, but only to family/loved ones 2. As a statement, it is our love (ex: Aloha kakou e ho'omake ana 'a'ole [aloha kah-koh ay ho-oh-ma-kay ah-nah ah oh-lay]... Our love will never die)

Mahalo nui piha aloha?

Aloha: This is "Thank you with much love" as most would say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart" sort of thing.

What is mahalo ho aloha mean?

I think you're trying to put hoa as the middle word. Mahalo hoa aloha means thank you friend or thank you oh person for whom I care.

How do you pronounce Haliʻa aloha?

A cherished memory... say [ha-lee'ah aloha]; most commonly placed emphasis is on the 'lee' and, even though most non-Hawai`ians emphasize the 'lo' in aloha, it should be the 'ha'.

How do you incorporate the meaning of aloha in a drawing?

This is exrtemely difficult. Aloha is used to mean so many things, mostly hello, goodbye, and love. But, it is actually much more than that. It literally means 'the essence of love'... something equivilant to 'the meaning of life'.

Why aloha is called aloha?

\n. \n. It is much more than hello and goodbye or love. To Hawai`ians it is; a - meaning 'to', lo - meaning 'give, grant, bestow, wish', and 'ha' - meaning 'the essence of life, or the breathe of God'. \n. \n. When we say "aloha", it is like saying "God's grace to you".

Where does Aloha Airlines fly to?

Aloha Airlines was a Hawaiian airline - however, its operations ceased in 2008 due to rising fuel costs and rapidly advancing competitors. While it was still operating, it flew mainly within the United States, servicing destinations such as Hilo, Las Vegas and Sacramento. The airline also had flight (MORE)

What is the spirit of aloha?

Aloha literally means "the essence of love of life". It is the peace of God that binds all living things. Most people do not understand aloha. They think it means hello or good-bye, or love. But to us, it is much much more. In HI, when we say aloha, we are saying may the meaning of life and the peac (MORE)

Who are the members of the band 'Aloha From Hell'?

The German band Aloha From Hell was formed in 2006. They acquired a record deal with Sony BMG in 2007 and soon split up in 2010. The band is made up of 5 members. They are: Vivi-lead vocalist, Moo-Guitar, Andy-Guitar, Max-Bass, and Feli-Drums.

What does makuahini a you lei aloha mean in English?

You probably mean "makuahini a ulei aloha"... flowers of love to a sick (ailing) parent/elder. There is no word 'you' in HI`ian, but 'u' is often put in front of words to make them plural (lei - flower; ulei - flowers). Also, don't say 'you', say "ooh". [mah-koo-ah-hee-nee ah ooh-lay aloha]

What actors and actresses appeared in Aloha Means Goodbye - 1974?

The cast of Aloha Means Goodbye - 1974 includes: Mary Ann Kasica as Nurse Sharon Cintron as File Nurse Henry Darrow as Dr. David Kalani Barbara Dodd as Head Nurse James Franciscus as Dr. Lawrence Maddox Larry Gates as Torger Nilsson Robert Ito as Arnold Russell Johnson as Dr. Frank Franklin Randi Ka (MORE)

What does the aloha state means?

"The Aloha State" refers to the state of Hawai'i. Every state inAmerica has their own nickname (Washington = The Evergreen State,California = The Golden State), and the nickname for the state ofHawai'i is "The Aloha State".