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Thoughtful, reflective Answer thoughtful, in the sense, of tending to think pensive 1362, from Old French pensif (11c., fem. pensive), from penser "to think," from Latin pensare "weigh, consider," freq. of pendere "weigh" (see pendant).
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What does pensiveness mean?

  # Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.  # Suggestive or expressive of melancholy thoughtfulness.

What does pensively mean?

It means to be deep in thought or concentration.

What is pensively in a sentence?

If you mean part of speech, it is an adverb. Example: She spoke pensively. Pensively modifies the verb "spoke," and is therefore an adverb.

What is a sentence with pensive?

  She sat pensive, trying to delve into her memory to uncover the secrets of her past.   pensive=adj., thoughtful; deep in thought

What is a context for pensive?

Pensively melancholy. two perhaps large words that describe an emotional state. Pensively is thoughtful , deep reflection in ones thoughts While as melancholy is absolut

What does the origin of pensive have to do with the contemporary meaning?

The root would likely be "pense," which means to pay over or give someone or something its fair value, as in the English words, compensate - to pay what is justly due, and rec

Can thoughtless serve as an antonym for pensive?

I can see why the word thoughtless might seem to be an antonym for pensive, since a pensive person thinks a lot and a thoughtless person doesn't, however, thoughtlessness is r