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It means to infer something that is not catagorically stated in either a statment, piece of writing, speech etc. basically, to see what is being said without actually being stated.

If you read the lines, then you are looking at the obvious. To read between the lines is to see the not so obvious or to see what is suggested.
To find a deeper or not-so-obvious meaning within something, to consider what could be implied by something that may seem to be innocuous or not have any apparent meaning.
If you read the lines, then you are looking at the obvious. To read between the lines is to see the not so obvious or to see what is suggested. Unless.... Someone holds up 3 fingers and says to read between the lines. That is just a derrogative slang.
The phrase "read between the lines" means to be able to find the 'hidden meanings' in either text or speech. So if someone is talking to you, and they're in a bad mood but are trying to hide it, then you find out that they're in a bad mood without them telling you, then that's an example of "reading between the lines". 
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Does reading on line have any diadvantages as opposed to reading the book?

Answer . put it into perspective: how heavy is your computer? can you carry it down to the park? can you leave it on a table at a cafe without it being stolen? will it still work if it gets wet? and ultimately, does it feel like a book. in my mnind, there is nothing nicer and more relaxing than curling up with a good book. you can't do that with any online medium as far as i am concerned. go the book!. Answer . \nno, it is very bad for your eyes

What is a Hand line reading?

It is believed that the lines on your palm tell the story of your life. Known also as Palm Reading. I personally would not depend on this type of information.

What does a thin line between love and hate mean?

The phrase a thin line between love and means that both feelingsare very intense and passionate. When a person is betrayed that cango from loving someone to hating someone very quickly.

A line in between 2 lines?

There are a number of things that could be formed by adding a linebetween 2 lines. This could form an H.

What is reading between the lines?

It means trying to understand the deeper meaning of literature rather thatn just the written words.

Where can you read watchmen on line for free?

you probably can but it's not a good idea. not on the legal repercussions but because most of the serious fans would upset for not giving Alan Moore what he deserves. let me put it simply, you have a wonderful piece of literature that is adored by many and you find out that some of your so called "fans" couldn't even be bothered to go out and buy the book. if you really want to read it you are really going to want to own it. and if you still feel that it isn't wort your while to buy the book than you shouldn't see the movie. I'm sorry if this is the same person who posted the same question twice but you get the same answer twice

What is the Process of reading between the lines and drawing conclusions about the mind of a character?

To 'read between the lines' you have to disbelieve what is being said and ask yourself the questions 'what kind of person would say this? Why would a person say this? What must a person be thinking or be like to say such a thing?' For instance. A man may have many faults but a women only two. Everything they say, and everything they do. Now do you believe what was just said - or can you infer somethings about the person who said this. . He is most probably male. . He has low respect for what women think. . Has a low opinion of female capabilities. . Probably said it to an all male audience. . Was attempting a certain type of humour. . and on and on.. Now, what can you infer about the person that wrote this answer?

How are latitude and longitude lines read?

Latitude lines go west and east of the prime meridian and longitude lines run north and south.. hope that helps!

How do you read a upright scale the ones in the doctors office the lines in between what are they height and weight?

The best way to do it is to devide by 12. Say for example, you measure a patient and you read 65 on the scale...devide it by 12 and you will get 5.416666667...just roung the numbers. A better example is 67 by 12. You get 5.583333333 round the 5.58 and you get 5.6= 5 feet and 6 inches =) hope I helped. Just make your own problems and practice. I'm having a exam next week and I'm having problems reading the upright scale for height and weight i was womdering if there was something on the internet that i could print out and do some studying with and the right answers for it?

What do they mean by shine a beam parallel with a line between the temple and Mercay Tavern?

shine it parralel with a drawn line toward the temple and tavern.shine the beam in the temples direction and it should point at a spot on a rock wall. bomb there and go into the cave. you will then go to a place where you can unlock tag mode, and a treasure map.

What is reading beyond the lines?

It means reading and thinking about questions that aren't obvious in the book and/or article. For example; Questions about the the future (in the reading).

What does reading means?

\nWhen you move your eyes on the paper and understand what it says that is "reading"\n. \nYou are reading now.

Could a bad neutral in the line between the transformer and the electrical meter effect the meter readings?

Yes there is that possibility but if there was any problem with the neutral you would see it manifest itself in the lights in the house. Problems with dimming and flickering. If you suspect a fault in the meter call the power authority and have them check it out. They shouldn't charge you for the service and because they bill you from the readings of the meter they will want to know one way or another.

What does clmax mean when reading mean?

If you mean the "Climax", The climax is the rising point of interest. A book may contain more than one of these. To say it in short, the climax is what keeps the reader reading. ex. During a story of a damsel in distress, the climax would be where the knight fights off the Black knight *No racism is intended*, or a fearsome dragon.

What is reading means?

This small definition is from: ednews.org The term 'reading' means a complex system of deriving meaning from print that requires all of the following: (A) The skills and knowledge to understand how phonemes, or speech sounds, are connected to print. (B) The ability to decode unfamiliar words. (C) The ability to read fluently. (D) Sufficient background information and vocabulary to foster reading comprehension. (E) The development of appropriate active strategies to construct meaning from print. (F) The development and maintenance of a motivation to read. (20 U.S.C.§ 6368 (5)) Also relevant are the federal definitions of instruction and research - The term 'essential components of reading instruction' means explicit and systematic instruction in- (A) phonemic awareness; (B) phonics; (C) vocabulary development; (D) reading fluency, including oral reading skills; and (E) reading comprehension strategies. Remember, this is not my work, you can find this information at: ednews.org

What is the difference in meaning between a dot and an empty circle on a number line graph?

a filled in circle/dot means "greater than or eaqual to/less than or equal to" (depending on which way the arrow is pointing. an empty cirlce means only "greater than/less than". the greater than/less than symbol with the line under it will indicate the filled in circle. the normal greater than/less than symbol willl indicate the hollow cirlce

Where can you read the fall on line?

You can read about the fall season on any Discovery Channel website. It is very informative and you can learn a bunch. There is enough information to complete a full report for school.

What are the lyrics to KSM's Read Between the Lines?

Everything used to be simple with you and me A picture perfect world I don't know what changed, but you're not the same You sure know how to confuse a girl We were all about hanging out Never had a single doubt We would be forever more But lately you're so distant, almost somebody different That I never met before You say it's all right, but something's wrong I can see it in your eyes If I turn around, will you be gone Are we running out of time? I'm not stupid I see through it I can read between the lines Ooh (Ooh) Ooh, Oh You used to call to say you miss me Now I guess you're way too busy It isn't hard to tell What we had is fading and I hear what you're saying But I don't believe it myself If it's all good, then I should Feel better and I could pretend that Everything's okay Call it intuition or a premonition But I can feel you walking away You say it's all right, but something's wrong I can see it in your eyes If I turn around, will you be gone Are we running out of time? I'm not stupid I see through it I can read between the lines Guess I've been wasting time I couldn't read the signs But don't you worry 'cause I know how to say goodbye .

Where does the phrase to read between the lines come from?

This term comes from cryptography, where in one code reading every second line of a message gives a different meaning from that of the entire text. [Mid-1800s]

In the book The Scarlet Letter the last line in the whole book reads On a field sable the letter A gules What does it mean?

It's in heraldic terms. "field" means background, sable means black, gules means red. So it is explaining the tombstone of hester and dimmesdale, on a black background, the letter A.

What are the four lines read in palmistry?

There's the life line which starts near thumb and arches downward towards or to the wrist. It reflects your life and how it's lived. The head line starts near or with the life line (if it's the latter, they'll split apart eventually) and runs horizontally across your palm ( at a slight, or outright angle or bend). It reflects your mind, how you think, and where you apply your thoughts. There's the heart line which is the highest main line on your palm that runs from the outside of your palm (pinky side) to the inside (towards the index finger). This line represents your relationships with people, how you view romance (or if you do at all), how your love life will be, and what kind of people you get along with (since it throws other people into the mix, you should never time this line). And finally, the fate line, it runs vertically from the wrist towards your fingers. It defines your purpose on this earth, what you'll do for a living, and how prosperous you'll be. If any of these lines are absent ( I don't think it's possible to not have a life line since it's the very fist line formed in the womb) it's very bad. If you have no head line, you're bound to fall into insanity, no fate line, you're at the utter mercy of what ever life sends your way and you'll never have any direction on what to do with your life, and for the heart line, you'll be a ridiculously lonely and cold person (I could be wrong about the heart line, I'm not too sure). Those are the four lines in main lines. There are many others of lesser significance and not everybody has them.

Who is in the band read between the lines?

Jack Flory plays bass Matt Hannigan plays lead guitar Echo Yoho plays rythem guitar Tyler Bailey on drums Alex Finch on keyboard

What does reading mean?

Reading is when you look at words in a book which can be fantasy's etc.

What does this mean -- read answer?

It is evening -- man, the day flew by so fast The sky's turquoise -- such a bizarre world we live in A dove flutters by as I admire its graceful flight, Though truth be told, I would enjoy its presence even if it was a pigeon I am elated and blissful, it's a glorious sight to behold As the dove swoops around, the sun complimenting its features But then you look away, and it's gone... and a depression fills its void There is no explanation for this emotion, I simply weep. Though stay strong, we can find this feathered fellow once more That's it, the impulse, the drive, to find this bird again Why, it's an obsession, we must find it, in vain! for we are solely carvings on the same golden goblet, bonded by ancient rings of our House To extend my arm to the dove, would mean to lose composure of the goblet, my House The goblet must twist in a form that it is not meant, defiling its integrity So for now, we let it go (though the dove might not even know) Does it look back and see, the misery it causes me?

Where can you get a free numerology reading on line?

Hi there, Facebook is a great place to meet numerologists, also, there are tons of numerology groups offering free readings. Good luck Angel Noonan www.angelnoonan.com

Do wrestling commentaters read lines?

They probably have some info on the superstars, but I think they make up their own material because of how certain commentators repeat phrases Like "The King" and JR.

Read between the lines lyrics by Jeff lucky?

Yes Jeff Lucky (Jeff Moonie Jr.) wrote all the original songs for the "Read Between The Lines" episode of Cold Case season #7, including the title song

What does a squiggly line in between 2 notes mean in music?

It means to play all the notes between the two listed in the given time.

Explain the following To read between the lines?

to read between the lines is to understand not only what is plainly written, but also what is suggested and not formally written.

What is the song on unnatural history that says read in between the lines?

The Thermals- Now We Can See they show it occasionally on Cartoon Network. Goes "ooh a ooh a oooh oooh"

What does it mean to double space between lines?

this mean to give more space between lines of text,distance from line above and under and you can do it from home tab,paragraph section you will see two arrows on one line,one arrow looks up and secomd down on same small line,press it and you will see options,by default is 1.15 in word 2007/2010

What is a Ominous Line in palm reading?

The Ominous line- Most likely to be found in the beginning or start of life line. It is sometimes mistaken as a fork, could be deep or faded, however if it is found at begginning of life line implies that the owner of the hand had a troubled childhood whether it be abuse, neglect, illness. If found on lower life line it means the same. A deep "X" or cross means the greater of trouble. Ominous line has been associated with tails of people who carry negative energy, not that the owner is ill in nature but a negative energy that is attracted to the owner. As one with a ominous line may notice the feeling of fear or that something is attacking them in some way. However keeping an open mind about this subject is always the best answer whether to believe this could be possible, or not.

How do you read a time line?

You read it in the order of the dates, or the sequential order of how events took place.

What is the meaning of reading the lines?

If you are referring to the phrase "read between the lines" it can mean a number of things. The first, and most used in a literary context, is that when someone asks you to "read between the lines" they are asking you to look beyond the first impression, and search for deeper meaning. The second is used in a negative and rude way, where if someone raises their pointer, middle, and ring finger at you, and asks you to "read between the lines" they are demanding that you look at their middle finger, between the other two fingers (lines). This is then an abusive gesture.

What are historians looking for when they read between the lines?

Any indication of the person who wrote the document trying to hide or cover up some of the facts to distract the reader from the truth

What is meaning between the line of the poem of all the worlds a stage?

It is not a poem; it is a speech from the play As You Like It by William Shakesepeare. To understand the subtext of the speech it helps to know that it is delivered by Jacques, a notoriously depressed and depressing courtier, in the midst of a conversation with Duke Senior, who has been deposed and is camping out in the forest of Arden. You should read the whole scene to get the context.

What is the difference between reading and developmental reading?

Reading is a cognitive process that involves connecting symbols (i.e. letters) onto the correct corresponding sound, in a process known as decoding. After decoding you must then connect this mapping to the meaning of the word/sentence (aka comprehension). In order to be a successful reader one must be able to read fluidly at a steady pace and with the right intonation, while comprehending the intended message of the text. The development of reading (aka developmental reading) is a gradual process, the goal of which is fluid reading. First, a child begins to learn the correct mapping between the letters and the sounds of words. They then begin to incorporate the meanings of words. As a child's vocabulary grows, so does their ability to read in a fluid manner as well as their ability to comprehend text.

In a palm reading what does a five pointed inverted star between the health line and sun line mean?

It is either a Pentagram (something demonic) or might be the Pentagon, the Five Sided HQ of the Defense Department, you now the place they wear hats indoors all the time, and well I won"t repeat Red Skelton's argument. Hey, Make Love, not War!

How do you read a latitude line in a globe?

Look for a colored line that goes straight north-south from the North Pole to the South Pole - latitudes. Longitudes are evenly spaced all the way around a globe. They will be equally spaced. The big one at the middle of the globe is the Equator. They have numbers on them. They start at 0 on the Equator.

What is to read beyond the line?

The term "to read between (not beyond) the lines" means to look for hidden meaning in something. One should see beyond what is being said and form their own opinion.

What is an example of ''reading between the lines''?

If you asked someone a question, expecting a certain answer, but they seem reluctant to give you any answer, you might be said to be "reading between the lines" to determine their honest answer.

When reading palms you notice no heart line what does that mean as a right handed woman you are reading the left palm one inch below the pinkie to the pointer is one single solid deep line help?

This is what sounds like a simian line. this line is found in some cases of schizophrenia, as well as some heart problems etc. Usually this will cause the person to have singleminded focus to the point where relationships are difficult for them-because they have problems with feelings or closeness to others.

What do black lines between thev states usually mean on a map?

In most cases the black lines which are between the states point out the border between different states , telling the map reader when the you are in a different state.

What does read beyond the lines mean?

Supplying an explanation for something that is irrelevant to thequestion or forming a conclusion that is way off the mark.

What is the difference between the meaning of latest model and the top of the line?

You could have the latest model of a cheap car next to the mostexpensive one which is top of the line.

What are the release dates for Cold Case - 2003 Read Between the Lines 7-7?

Cold Case - 2003 Read Between the Lines 7-7 was released on: USA: 15 November 2009 Australia: 17 February 2010 Netherlands: 24 April 2010 Finland: 22 June 2010 Japan: 20 August 2011 Hungary: 8 October 2013

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What are the release dates for Sidekicks - 1986 Read Between the Lines 1-22?

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What are the release dates for The Ellen Burstyn Show - 1986 Reading Between the Lines 1-7?

The Ellen Burstyn Show - 1986 Reading Between the Lines 1-7 was released on: USA: 8 November 1986

What are the release dates for ABC Afterschool Specials - 1972 Read Between the Lines 15-8?

ABC Afterschool Specials - 1972 Read Between the Lines 15-8 was released on: USA: 3 June 1987