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Erin go bragh is an English phonetic spelling of Éirinn go brách, which in Irish means "Ireland forever."

It is an Irish expression of allegiance to Ireland.
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What does Erin go bragh mean?

'Erin go bragh' is an English spelling of the Irish Éirinn  go brách meaning 'Ireland forever'.

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Is it Erin go bragh or Erin go braugh?

Both. The original phrase in Irish is Éirinn go brách For English speakers this was respelled Erin go bragh or Erin go braugh.

What is the response to 'Erin go braugh'?

I don't know of any set response to the phrase. It's an Irish phrase (Éirinn go brách) written in phonetic English meaning "Ireland forever".

How do you pronounce Erin go braugh?

"air-in go bra"   Another Answer:   Éirinn go brách is the actual Irish (Gaelic) spelling and would sound something like "aer-in guh brawkh" a gutteral sound at the

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