What does 'I'll give it a lash' mean?

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It's an Irish turn of phrase (maybe English also) which means I'll give it a proper good go - but also means it's not that huge a deal to accomplish - so it means, I'll make a good passionate effort but at the same it doesn't really matter - think it comes from lashing your horse to get a bit of extra kick - giddyup boy!
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What is lashing?

Lashing is a word that means to whip someone. It also describes acord used to fasten something tightly to another thing.

What is the meaning of Bat for lashes?

To 'bat your lashes' is a piece of 1920s slang meaning to make eyes at someone, the idea being that the enormous false eyelashes in vogue at the time looked like bats when your eyelids fluttered.

What is a lash?

A lash is the thong of a whip, the leash of an animal, or a hairgrowing from the eyelid.

What does it mean by 'OK I'll bite'?

Someone made a statement that begs someone to ask for more information.. That someone responds "OK I'll bite" to imply that they know the person was setting them up to ask, but that they are willing to ask anyway.

What does lashed mean?

It means that a person who is antislavery (against slavery) speaks outloud his words against a particular group, government, a person...etc, anyone who does that.

What did Columbus Iselin mean when he said give a half a tanker of iron and I'll give you the next ice age?

Colombus Iselin was the name of the experiment/vessel. It is aquote by John Martin, the man behind the Iron Hypothesis. Martin'spoint in making the above statement was simply that, if true, theIron Hypothesis could make a difference to everyone alive, theworld over. It would take only a small amount (MORE)

What does it mean when someone says 'I'll be your bitch'?

One slang meaning of this word is to be subservient, a servant. He's saying he'll bow down to you and do what you want. I'm a dude, and I say it all the time to my mates when pratting around, such as 'dude I'm gonna totally make you my bitch' or 'you're my bitch'. This isn't said in a homosexual w (MORE)

What is the meaning of tongue lashing in idiomatic expressions?

A "tongue lashing" is a an angry lecture. If you make a mental image of someone slapping you with their tongue, you can understand where they came up with this humorous idiom. Instead of saying you got a lecture for being late again, you can say "I really got a tongue lashing from the teacher!"

What does the word lashed mean?

To lash is to fasten with rope or string, or to whip. "He lashed himself to the mast" is the first meaning; "Jesus was lashed before being crucified" is the second.

Who said I'll give it a whirl?

Macaulay Culkin playing "Kevin McCallister" in "Home Alone" (1990). He said this line while responding to the supermarket clerk at the checkout in regards to a TV Dinner.

Can whip lash give you a headache?

Yes, it can. Be aware that it is not the only possible condition that can result in a headache. If you experienced such trauma that you have whiplash, it may be possible that you could also have suffered a concussion or struck your head. You should consult a physician for an accurate diagnosis.

What does I'll dance at your next wedding mean?

It means that the person thinks that you no doubt are a wonderfulperson and should be married in the near future but they are notthe one you'll get married to. It's another way of say they thinkhighly of you but would never consider dating you.

What does it mean when she says I'll think about it?

she has a bf but kindda likes u or doesnt really want 2 go out with him anymore, her friend likes you, you not as popular as her, she likes you but doesnt wanna show that shes soooo happy cuz she doesnt know how much u like her, she thinks you might not really like her and just want a gf, or she lik (MORE)

What does I'll give myself to you for my sins against humanity mean?

The phrase "sins against humanity" has become almost a cliche when describing events like the holocaust, environmental destruction, war and the like. The closest Biblical reference I could find was 1 Samuel 2:25. It seems to reference that God will judge you for your sins. To me, it is saying you ca (MORE)

I'll give you six for a nine?

this means someone is trying to trick you because six flipped around is a nine. so six for a nine means someone is being sneaky

What does Lords of the Lash and Lords of the Loom mean?

By 1860, New England produced almost 70 percent of the cotton cloth made in the U.S. and its cotton mills. The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793 came just three years after Samuel Slater built his cotton mill in Pawtucket, the first automated cotton mill in the U.S. By increasing de (MORE)

What does I'll keep that in mind mean?

"Keep in mind" or "Bear in mind" - means to consider the fact or to think of / remember a certain fact often when considering something else. For example: "Bear in mind that I can't run as fast as you", or "Keep your constituency in mind when you speak." This means one of two things A) you want to (MORE)

When a friend says this to you- I owe you a lot no matter what it is I'll do it you name it and I'll do it what does that mean?

It means that this friend did something really bad to you, he or she hurt you in some way, either directly and you know about it, or behind your back, so he or she is feeling guilty and wants to make it up to you in anyway, because although they did something to hurt you, it wasn't intentionally, an (MORE)

What does a guy mean when he says I'll be gentle?

uh...well it depends on what you were talking about to begin with....if its like sexual then he means like... he wont...like do it hard like... so it doesnt hurt... idk what else he could have been talking about...

What does the idiom a tongue lashing mean?

A 'tongue lashing' is a severe telling-off. It is the verbal equivalent of being lashed with a whip. It can't hurt you physically, but the power of the words may make you feel very uncomfortable/upset/angry/humiliated and so on.

What does the idiom well I'll be a monkey's uncle mean?

Monkey's Uncle - Originated in 19th century London. Derived from the (Darwinian) idea that descendants of monkeys i.e. humans are more intelligent and thus that monkey's ancestors must have been less intelligent. Used as an expression of surprise. When using the phrase "I'll be a monkeys uncle" (MORE)

What does I'll play virgil to your Dante mean?

That is a reference to Dante Alighieri's classic work "The Divine Comedy." In it, the protagonist, named and based off of Dante himself, finds himself lost, both figuratively and literally. Soon, the ancient Roman Poet Virgil appears before Dante, offering to guide him. Dante accepts, and Vigil pr (MORE)

I will or I'll?

Use I'll only informally, or in dialogue to represent speech. Do not use contractions in formal writing.

What does it mean when someone says I'll floor you?

This idiom has two possible meanings. One: "I'll impress you so much you'll fall down in awe and surprise," or Two: "I punch you so hard you'll fall down." This last meaning is similar to, "I'll deck you."