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When you block someone on Twitter, they are no longer able to

  1. follow you (they will be removed from your followers list if they are currently following you. If they try to follow you, it won't work, though no error message will appear).
  2. read your tweets on their timeline.

They will not be notified that you have blocked them. A person may notice that your tweets are no longer showing up on their timeline.

Blocking has NO affect on the person's ability to:
  1. Read your timeline on your profile page
  2. Reply to a tweet you've made by mentioning your account with the "@" symbol in front of your account name.
  3. Repost a tweet you have made.
  4. Subscribe to your timeline via an RSS feed
  5. Follow you from another Twitter account the person may own.
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How do you get around a blocked profile on Twitter?

You Don't!   If someone blocked your profile on Twitter, it means they don't want you "following" them. If you proceed to get around the block by hacking into their acc

How do you block someone on Twitter?

Go to their profile and click the drop down menu along from the follow button. (It has the outline of a head and neck on it) Then, select the 'block' option.

What does block do on Twitter?

If you block someone it will prevent them from viewing your profile and tweets.

How to find out if you are blocked on twitter?

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To unprotect your tweets go to settings and uncheck the protect tweets box.

How do you block people on Twitter?

Since most federal agencies block Twitter web access from their internal systems, this naked follower won't get you in trouble at work. And if you think this person just might

If you block someone on twitter will they know?

If they try to go on your profile and view their tweets then they won't be able to. They also won't be following you any more. These signs will tell them that they have blocke

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How do you block Twitter applications?

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What does block on Twitter do?

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