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It means you are in a very dangerous or precarious position. When you are threading your way through troubles as if you were traversing a dangerously narrow passage you are in "dire straits." The expression and the band by that name are often transformed by those who don't understand the word "strait" into "dire straights." The word dire means 'having dreadful or terrible consequences'. A strait is a narrow strip of water between two or more pieces of land, as in The Straits of Gibralta. Finding a safe passage through a strait requires great skill and/or luck.
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When dire straits split?

The band originally split up in 1988, but reformed in 1991.accorsding to my information

What is the origin of the term dire straits?

The term "dire straits" which means desperate circumstances has no particular origin. It is just one of those phrases which people adopted as a cliche to describe a particular

What is the origin of the phrase dire straits?

The etyomology of the phrase "dire straits" is believed to have been started in the 15th century from the many straits around the world that sailors needed to navigate their v

Where is the band dire straits fom?

Mark Knopfler is from Newcastle England, when Newcastle football team play at their home ground just before the team run out they all ways play a dire straits song.

Who is the lead guitarist of Dire Straits?

Mark Knopfler is the lead guitarist for the Dire Straits. He's known for his finger picking style on his Stratocaster. Dire Straits- Mark and David Knopfler

Will dire straits ever reform?

indeed they will. 2011 rehearsals start in London, No Mark but a new lead singer..... much better looking too. Gigs shuold start around April 2011.