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What does 'entrances and exits' mean in the seven ages of man speech?

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"They have their entrances and their exits". When actors come onto the stage so the audience can see them, it is called an entrance; when they leave the stage it is an exit. (We use the same words to describe a way in and a way out as well). Jaques is comparing the life of a person to a performance by an actor ("All the men and women merely players"), and as an actor has an entrance onto the stage, so people have an entrance into their lives: they are born. Just as an actor has an exit, so do people: they die.
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What do you mean by this lines all men and women are merely players they have their exits and their their entrances?

  The players here means like those players in theatres, and they are comparing the people to the players. So when they have their entrances, they means that they are born

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