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What are qualative observations?

Qualitative observations could also be called qualitative data, and would be data not related to exact numbers. Such observations could be warmth, flavor, gender, or yes-no an (MORE)

What are qual pens?

I think you mean "quill pens". Quill pens are pens with a certain type of nib, which is kind of pointy and cut vertically. Originally made from feathers and for all kinds of w (MORE)
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What is qualative data?

it is data that has to do with a qualities of something, i.e color shape feel...(etc) while quantitative has to do with numbers and quantities.

Qual a cor do metal zinco?

O zinco é um metal, às vezes classificado como metal de transição ainda que estritamente não seja, apresenta semelhanças com o magnésio e o berílio al (MORE)