What does 1 sf mean in maths?

What does 1 sf mean in maths?
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1 sf is the area represented by a square that has a length of 12 inches (1ft) and a width 12 inches (1ft) This area does NOT have to be a square, it can be any 2 dimensional shape.


1 sf could also mean 1 significant figure. That is a value rounded in such a way that it contains only one non-zero digit. For example:
4321 = 4000
21.34 = 20
0.0063 = 0.006
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What does mean in math mean?

In Maths, the mean is the mean average; in other words, the average. To calculate the mean (average), you add the numbers you have together and then divide that total by the a… (MORE)

A math promblem that equal 1?

Four men can paint eight houses in two days.    How many days does it take a man to paint a house ?    Note: This problem does not equal 1, but its solution does.

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How many sf in 1 cy?

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A square foot is a measure of area, with dimensions [L2]. A cubic yard (cy) is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L3]. Basic di… (MORE)

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What does sf mean in batting stats?

sacrifice flies- you hit the ball and someone is on base, the ball  you hit is a pop ball and you get out so that another player can  advance

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What does 'of' mean in math?

    It is a short word for 'indices', a way of dividing large numbers by fractions. Please ask in the Maths section, or a Mathematician for more details - to avoid com… (MORE)

What is 3n-1 in math?

In maths, n means any number. For example, if n was 6, 3n-1 would be 17. If n was 10, 3n-1 would be 29. 3n-1 means any number, multiplied by 3, less 1. The equation can be use… (MORE)