What does A taste of your own medicine mean?

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Getting "a taste of your own medicine" means that something happens to you, or is done to you, that you have done to someone else. This is sometimes applied where the affected person strikes back (gets even, turns the tables, tit for tat) but is not limited to such situations. It can be seen as either an ironic or a karmic result.

"Medicine" often tastes bad, so provides a metaphor for the unpleasant treatment.

For example, if a person constantly interrupts others, and then is interrupted in his own conversation, he is "getting a taste of his own medicine."
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Why would you start to enjoy 'giving him a taste of his own medicine'?

Answer . When the abuse has been "gratuitous" (sadistic), repeated, and protracted, conceptual closure is not enough. Retribution is called for, an element of vengeance, of restorative justice and a restored balance. Recuperation hinges on punishing the delinquent and merciless party. The penal i (MORE)

Is it good to 'taste' your own semen?

In my opinion, it is good to taste your own semen. Think about it this way, you arent going to serve your partner a dish for dinner without knowing if it tastes good or not. There are several factors that can lead to semen flavor as well, such as smoking or diet. Some sweet items, such as pineapple (MORE)

Is it healthy for a man to taste his own semen?

Answer . It is not really a question of "healthy". There is nothing in it that's not in you already. You don't gain anything from it.. Depends....are you putting in in a vagina? and do you know how to turn yourself on??

What is the meaning of medicine?

Medicine has many definitions. Medicine can refer to a drug or remedy. It can also mean the act of maintaining health and prevention and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Meaning three refers to treatment of disease by medical, as distinguished from surgery.

Is tasting own semen bad for you?

If it's your own come, there isn't any problem at all.\n. \nNo, You should taste it so as to know what's going into your partner's mouth.

What is the best tasting medicine?

\nTotally subjective to the likes and dislikes of each person. A lot of medicine now that is in capsule or pill form is essentially tasteless.\n. \nSpecifically for me, as a kid I really liked the taste of Amoxicillian, which a lot of people I know remember as the pink medicine. It was an antibio (MORE)

What does metallic taste mean?

This is like trying to explain color to a person who has never seen. Most of us have had the experience of putting various metals in our mouths, and getting a sense of what the taste is. Some conditions or situations give people the distinct experience that there is that kind of metallic taste in th (MORE)

What medicine can be used for swollen taste buds?

Dear All,. My Mother age 64yrs was the patient of breast cancer and was treated with chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy. After chemo taste buds of mother gone and everything which she intake comes out and she tastes it like a poison in her mouth due to which her intake is getting low day by (MORE)

What is 'each to his own taste' in french?

The French say Chacun ses goûts But 'les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas" is more used (there's no accounting for taste). chacun à son propre goût. that means: Each one with its own taste. Addition . You can also use the plural : Chacun ses goûts

French phrase meaning each to his own taste?

Well there's a similar saying in France that goes "les chiens aboient, la caravane passe". Now, don't try and translate it word for word because it's literal translation is nothing similar (the dogs bark when the caravan passes). But, that is what it means in French.

Should you tast e your own semen?

\nIt's not harmful so if you feel like tasting it then taste it.\n. \nThis is one thing you must do so that you'll know what you are shooting into your partner's mouth.

What is the origin of a taste of your own medicine?

The origin of the phrase 'a taste of your own medicine' comes fromAesop's famous story about a swindler who sells fake medicine,claiming that it can cure anything. When he falls ill, people givehim his own medicine, which he knows will not work.

Do men taste their own semen?

\nSome do, some don't, the same goes for women.\n. \nI imagine that every man has been curious....\n. \nThey should do so as to know what's going into their partner's mouth.

How do you get rid of medicine taste from a new kettle?

To get rid off the medicine taste from a new kettle you can mix bicarbonate soda and water togather and pour it in the kettle leave until it goes cold then pour it out and rinse the kettle.The taste shoould now be gone form the kettle.This should get rid of the smell by deodourising the kettle .The (MORE)

A taste of your own medicine?

No. That is not the right meaning for that. The right meaning would be that you would do something to someone that they did to you or the other person.

Is it normal to tast your own sperm?

No but there is no such thing as normal, its whats in the eye of the holder. some people might think masterbating in public is normal but others don't just try not to tell your friends or anyone else you do that. they might just stop communication.

Origin of A taste of your own medicine?

The saying "a taste of your own medicine" comes from one of Æesop's fables. It's about a swindler who sells a concoction, claiming it can heal any illness. He himself falls ill and people try to give him his own medicine (which he knows is rubbish) in order to cure him.

Is tasteing your own semen bad?

why would it be? Its only bad if it makes you feel bad....so the choice is yours. and if you meant bad as in bad for your health, then no, lots of people swallow semen during sex, its not poisonous :P

Is it normal to like the taste of your own blood?

No no no humans are not made to drink blood that is y it is already inside of you there is no point to drink your blood that is creepy you freak y do you drink your own blood!!!!!! Bi bi ppls that read this!!!!. It's unessary to call someone that likes the taste of there own blood. I believe that i (MORE)

Get a dose of ones own medicine?

I'm assuming that your asking what that phrase means. It means that something that one does to others ends up getting done to them. It has a negative connotation and is most often used in a scenario where somebody treats another badly and someone else ends up doing the same to them

Why does medicine taste yucky?

Medicine tastes yucky because it's in progress to help what is hurt and once it is done, the bad flavor goes away for sure. But if you keep tasting the yucky medicine, drink water to wash it out of your mouth.

Why does crack stem taste like medicine sometimes?

you put too much dope on it. you don't get high when it gets that taste. take the brillo out and put it in a 5/8 deep well socket(remove plastic and grease )pull with 2 lighters(only tip of flame never the blue part) when you run out or every 9- 10 hits-let socket cool completely put in freezer if u (MORE)

Is it gay to taste your own semen?

No not necessarily. I would never taste mine, like… ever. But I know what it smells like: pancake batter. No bs, I promise. Even the comedian Sarah Silverman wrote a song about that. But no. not gay. But that doesn't mean you should do it. And if you do, dont tell anyone you did, or nobod (MORE)

What does 'turpentine taste' mean?

A volatile pungent oil distilled from gum turpentine or pine wood, used in mixing paints and varnishes and in liniment. Hope this helped!!

What does good taste is not a democracy mean?

What it meant in the context of the film (Detention, 2011) is thata variety of people will have a variety of different opinions. Somepeople might like X, while others don't. Just because a majority ofpeople don't like X, doesn't mean it's in good taste to dislike X.Good taste is, thus, not determine (MORE)

Why should bullies get a taste of their own medicine?

It's not necessary for bullies to "get a taste of their ownmedicine" in order to stop bullying. What they DO need is to betaught social skills and empathy. Hurting a bully back just teachesthem that bullying behaviors are acceptable ways of handlingproblems. Better to teach them problem-solving skil (MORE)

What does taste mean in cooking?

Taste in cooking means to get theflavor of the food. The flavor of the food is important, because ifit doesn't taste nice, nobody will eat it.