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gender: female origin: greek meaning: defender
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What does the name Alexys mean?

Answer . I believe the name your saying usually spell like this: Alexis. Alexis mean in the orgin of Greek is defender or protector of mankind.

What does the name alexis mean?

Alexis is a girl's name and is English for talented. Alexis is originally a male name, but is now more popularly used as a female name. It is not English or Spanish, but rather Greek. It means defender/protector.

Who is alexis Allen?

It's all in the name, meaning, "Defender of mankind". She is the founder of Blue Lion Foundation whose mission is to build a hospital in Haiti and is a force to reckon with. Do not underestimate her ability to accomplish her dreams where even the sky is no limit.

Alexis Gilbertson is what?

There is no known celebrity named Alexis Gilbertson. However, the name Alexis means defender of man and it is an American originated name.

What is alexis gilbertson?

Alexis is Greek for mankind's helper and Gilbertson is a British Isles patronymic surname of Norman-French and pre Old Germanic origins meaning son of Gilbert

Who is Prince Alexis?

Prince Alexis was a member of the Russian royal court. He was, in fact, Princess Anastasia's brother and he had hemophilia, a genetic disorder which is an x-linked, recessive trait. This disease alters the clotting abilities of blood and eventually led to Alexis' death.

Who is Alexi Laiho?

Alexi Laiho is the lead guitarist and lead singer in the metal band called Children of Bodom.

What amp does alexi laiho use?

3 ESP Alexi Laiho Signature guitars Shure UHF Marcad Diversity MKII wireless receiver Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP-1000 tube preamp RSP 2400 Hush/Enhancer/Exciter Rocktron Intellifex VHT Two/Fifty/Two Stereo tube poweramp Marshall 1960B Straight front, 300W Stereo 4×12 Cab 2 75-watt Celestio (MORE)

Will Brandon Bryant marry Alexis?

There are 285 people in the United States named Brandon Bryant.Brandon Bryant of Woodbridge, VA married Brittany Dukes on July 9,2011. Brandon Bryant of Bon Aqua, Tennessee married Amy Sullivan onJune 10, 2006. There is no news on whether or not Brandon Bryantfrom Miami, Florida is planning to get m (MORE)

What does Alexis mean in Japan?

The name Alexis doesn't mean anything in Japanese. It can be written in Japanese as: アレクシス (A-re-ku-shi-su)

Does Alexis Bledel smoke?

Unless she has recently taken up the habit, Alexis does not smoke. Addendum: ID1151295961 is probably correct. However, at least two sources on the Female Celebrity Smoking List claim Alexis did smoke, once on the set with Lauren Graham (confirmed smoker) circa '00 and another time on-set in '04. (MORE)

Is alexi laiho a gay?

No he is not gay. He has been married once to a woman but just likes to f**k with peoples heads about his sexuality (hence kissing Janne). Even if he was bi or gay it wouldn't change my opinion of him because he is a god. And just to brag a bit, I am female and got to kiss him :P

Who is Sherman Alexie?

Sherman Alexie is an award-winning author. Some of his best works include "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fishfight in Heaven", "Smoke Signals", and "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

What does alexi mean?

"Alexis" also known as Lexi, is Greek and it means "Protector of the people" or just "Protector"

Who is alexis sheets?

Alexis Sheets Is And 10 Year Old Charming Sweet Girl. She Can Be A Cry Baby At Times But Yet She Rocks! Alexis Starrs In The Popular DVD Movie KML Girls Alexis Is Miranda Leere In These Movies! Alexis Was The Camera Lady To The First American Girl To See Bloody Stacey,,, Miss Tanda Southern! Its O (MORE)

Who is alexis santiago?

Alexis Santiago is a USA Boxer. Born in Phoenix, Arizona on September 26, 1990. He began boxing when he was 14.

What did Alexis Carrel do?

Alexis Carel (1873-1944) was a surgeon and biologist. He won theNobel Prize in 1912 for pioneering vascular suturing techniques. Hespent most of his career at the Rockefeller Institute of MedicalResearch in New York.

When was Alexis Romanov kidnapped?

Some time in l9l8. He might have been shot on sight- poor lad was a hemophiliac so changes of survival of any battle scenes are- Nil.

Who is alexis perry and deven Allen?

Deven Allen and Alexis Perry are the best of friends who attend Mac Gregor Elementary getting ready to go to middle school. They are both very talented at singing, dancing, and playing the piano. But Deven sings an plays the piano the best out of the two of them. (NO OFFENSE ALEXIS) They both atte (MORE)

How do you say Alexis in African?

"African" is not a language. It is a continent that contains 54countries and more than 2100 completely different languages. Someestimates place the number of languages at around 3000. If you have any quesitons about African languages, you will have tospecify the language. The most prominent langua (MORE)

Who did Alexis de Tocqueville marry?

Tocqueville married Marie Mottley, an Englishwoman raised in France. Tocqueville's family and friends disapproved of his choice; in addition to her English background, Marie was older, a http://wiki.answers.com/entry/Protestantism , and a commoner, and was an inferior fit for Tocqueville's aristocr (MORE)

How do you say my name is Alexis in Chinese?

我的名字是亚力克西斯。[wǒ de míng zì shì yà lǐ kè xī sī] my name ---> 我的名字 is ---> 是 Alexis ---> 亚力克西斯

Who is alexis Torres?

Alexis Jessica Torres is a character of the series degrassi:the next generation. she is the daughter of drew Torres and Dana coyne, she is the main character of the season. role player: abby robbins

Is Alexis Clavel Hitler's son?

No, Hitler did not have children (thank goodness) some people did try to claim that dubious distinction, but it was proven false.

What did alexis carrel do in 1902?

In 1902, Carel witnessed the miraculous cure of Marie Bailly atLourdes. She cited him as a witness in publicity due to the cure.As a result, Carel was castigated by the French academics and hecould not a hospital job in France and so emigrated to Canada andthen to the US.

What is the reason for alexis Texas not to do interracial?

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What does Alexis mean in Arabic?

Do you have more details? Alexis is a name with a greek root Aléxo which means "to protect". Not aware of an Arabic word...

Who is alexis profit?

a annoying girl in Arlington middle school.Hates to be called by "APP".She is also ugly has f*ck. Stalking a boy named Nickolas. Has 0 Friends and she is always lonely.she is very mean and a boy made a song about her: "mama mama cant you see this girl got tiny titties" and also SHES (MORE)

Who is Alexis Newman?

Alexis Newman is nice, LOUD, HILARIOUS! Crazy every second of the day. And a horrible debate partner. :P She's pretty, in love with a guy named Justin, Sooo Get to know her. (:

Who is alexis connor?

A girl who lives in a big city with her boyfriend Ty reynolds they have a daughter and a son named Hazeline Nicole and chase michael