What does BENELUX stand for?

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BENELUX is short for
Belgium Netherlands and Luxembourg, a trading group of countries before the European Union.
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What does Benelux mean?

BENELUX Is short for Be lgium Ne therlands and Lux embourg (the first letters of each country) This was a http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_BENELUX_stand_for&isLookUp=1# group of countries pre the European Union .

Capital of the benelux countries?

Brussels, Belgium, is the capital and central administrative pillarof the Benelux Economic Union. It comprises of three neighboringcountries in mid-western Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands andLuxembourg.

What types of culture are the Benelux Countries known for?

The Benelux Countries have many cultures and museums that differdepending on the area and culture of the people that live in thatarea,so there isn't a defintite answer to that question unlesstheir is a specific area you are wondering about.

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Are the Benelux Countries landlocked?

Of the three countries which make up the Benelux, Be lgium, the Ne therlands and Lux embourg, only Luxembourg is landlocked (by Belgium, France and Germany).

What does is stands for?

you'll hear vip a lot from super stars or anyone what it means is very important person so any time a person says vip remember this

What ties exist among the benelux countries?

History, mainly. They were one country from 1815 until 1830, when Belgium split off, and in 1890 Luxembourg split off from the Netherlands. Before that the three countries had histories that intertwined a lot with eachother, but there have always been many differences between the north and the south (MORE)

When was benelux formed?

The three countries formed a customs union in 1948, and in 1958 they signed the Treaty of the Benelux

Did modern supranationalism in Europe began with the creation of Benelux in 1944?

Not really. Although the Benelux Union was formed in 1944, it was not until 1955 that supranationalism was present, when a Benelux Parliament was formed. The European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1952. When the ECSC was formed, it had several aims, one of which was to become the first supr (MORE)

What was the Benelux trade union?

the benelux trade union were the small countries of belgium, the Netherlands , and Luxembourg joined together to form it. :D love u peoples

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Whatever you type while browsing internet, like "yahoo.com" "Google.com" "orkut.com" all these are called domains. There are mainly two types of domains (not depend on the name but the purpose of the domain owner) namely, Generic(.com .org .biz .info etc) and Country (.in .nz .UK .us etc) Gene (MORE)

What languages are spoken in Benelux?

Benelux is an economic block of three countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. As such, the languages of Benelux are the official languages of these countries, and the official minority languages of their regions. These would be:. Dutch (Belgium and the Netherlands). Frisian (the Nether (MORE)

What does the A in a stand for?

I think that it stands for utterly nothing and it is just a way of making life so much easier. But in real life i doubt that anyone alive knows what it stands for.

What languages are spoken in the Benelux Countries?

Holland: Dutch. They also talk Frisian in the province Friesland. In the west they sometimes talk a dialect of Low Saxon. Belgium: Dutch, French and a bit German. Also dialects like Flemish, Walloon and Limburgish. Luxembourg: Luxembourgish, French and German. They all talk English very well.

What is the Benelux economy?

The Benelux was formed as an economical union between Belguim, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since these countries are also the co-founders of the European Community it has not so much economical significance anymore. These days it is more seen as a cultural community.

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What are the Benelux countries of Western Europe?

Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, Th (MORE)

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Capital of Benelux?

Benelux is a collective name for three different countries,Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. They each have their owncapital cities, so there is no capital of Benelux.