What does Bill Kaulitz look for in a girl?

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well, i have been doing research like crazy. i kinda wanted to keep my findings secret but here its is:

Height : She should be 5'0 (Ten inches shoter than him)
Hair color : dark brown or black hair
Style : somthing that fits her veary well
Character : uncontrollable
For her the main thing : love
Breast : no matters
Arm : soft like baby
What should she listen : no matters
Where she should live : "I want if she will live in someplace , but not Germany . If she will be in other country or city it will be the best
Fan or not : I don't know , the main , that she loves me not my money"
Where do you want her meet? : "on street , let be accidentally"

Bill doesn't like when
someone copies his style (or tattoos what usually girls do!!!!) =]
when girls have small dogs
the girl uses of wool breeches (to be unique in Germany xD) and not andasse with the legs peludas (has to be done shaving).

Bill likes when girl
She twin sister so both tom and bill can have them
Bills girlfriend must have eyes clear (big dreamy eyes, with big pupiles)
Have Morena skin(mostly on the white side, but with a glow, looks like a tan kinda)
Girl should be extrovert but not vulgar
Bills girlfriend should be nice and simply crazy!
If possible Bill wants lips carnudos
Bill's girlfriend must have hands soft / beautiful as a baby he loves hands!
she can be romantic
Bill does not liked that the girl uses of wool breeches (to be unique in Germany xD) and not andasse with the legs peludas (has to be done shaving).
Bill: girlfriend should only like me for what I am and not the money or the fame, I liked it live in another country and we meet by chance. matter if I was fan or not, and to be honest I am not too much to import the hair color or eye because I like one, the important thing is that the love lasts!

im still doiing rreasearch, but im also doing research on the gernal flirting stuff..but im keeping that much a secret. ^.^ good luck
bill wants someone that would care for him and not for the lead singer of tokio hotel
<as much as possible,he wants someone who doesn't know him>.He wants someone whose from the other country obviously anywhere except Germany i remember he wants someone from Scandinavia<I've never heard of that before>and he likes girls with pretty hands so if you look to meet him some time
keep your hands pretty and for you nail bitters take your hands out your mouth and drop the habit.And to all the pretty ladies out there<including me..lolz>,color your hair BLACK!<im not sure if he really wants girls with black hair,but who cares?..it's not the hair..it's the personality..right?>oh by the way,HE's into a SERIOUS and LONG TERM relationship..so don't break his heart<who would do that to him?..she would be the most RUDE and STUPID person if she would do that to him..>

he wants a girl that would love him and his music, he also stated that in the future he wanted to meet his special someone by an accident like they would bump with each other and had an eye to eye contact,cuz Bill believes in TRUE LOVE.Plus!you should have a big appetite<like me>,cuz he loves to eat and check out cool restaurants. Also, don't try to copy his style,he wanted a girl who dresses just simple and nice.

<hope these answers helped you a lot>
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Does Bill Kaulitz date Black girls?

that question is so racist. Bills probably a sweet guy and he wouldn't care . Bill is a very Sweet person Probably would careless He would love you because of who you are Not the outside,Not what color you are and not what race :]

What type of girls does Bill Kaulitz like?

Bill likes a girl with a beautiful soul ,understanding ,fun-loving ,nice ,sweet ,has her own taste & style ,specially different then others , not like girl next door ,she has to be unique,energetic (not the jealous type ever!)and finally loves him unconditionally back. He wants a girl who' (MORE)

What does Tom Kaulitz look for in a girl?

Tom Kaulitz likes a girl that is random and ofcourse that has a great body shape the first thing that attracts him are big eyes (you know what i mean).. ;) knows that he has to put the band first and its preferd if she was not in the same country they were in and the twins have no problem with datin (MORE)

What does Bill Kaulitz like in a girl?

Her soft arms, hair doesn't really matter, understanding, loving, has her own style..... Height: 10 cm lower than me, I don't like the girls who's higher than me. Haircolour: dark hair, brown or black. Style: Whatever,doesn't really matter, but she has to have the style which suits her reall (MORE)

Is bill kaulitz a boy or girl?

Male of course. . Bill Kaulitz is a man, and in fact has an identical twin brother, Tom. He is a boy. If he was a girl not as much girls would like him. Bill Kaulitz is indeed a guy.

Does bill kaulitz like overweight girls?

Umm. I not entirely sure. But from what I've seen, he's attracted to the olsen twins, Angelina jolie, heidi klum. And their all skinny. --- no he wouldn't --- Bill is a sweetheart, I'm positive he would. It also depends on how overweight are we talking like 250 or are we talking like 45 (MORE)

How does Bill Kaulitz look now?

Well now he's changed it AGAIN he has this huge mowhawk thing going on like his old hair but not sticky-outy at the sides if you get me. it goes stright up :L

Has bill kaulitz kissed a girl on mouth?

yes. he received his first kiss when he was ten by the same girl who gave tom his first kiss. bill however received his a day later.... on another note bill says he has not truly kissed anyone in the last years, that all the kisses he has given have been ones of welcome or greeting.

What does Bill and Tom Kaulitz look for in a girl?

people say that tom is a porno pig, or scum, or a HUGE pervert and some of that is true but tom can be really nice and sweet sometimes. he always knows how to show a girl a good time. tom likes girls that have a nice figure. he likes girls that can get down and dirty ~if you know what i mean ;) ~ bi (MORE)

Has bill kaulitz kissed a girl?

He's had several gfs so yes. . Yes, his first kiss was with the same girl as Tom at the age of 9 and both said it was disgussting.. But I think this wasn´t the only time he kissed a girl (but who knows :D)

What Does Bill Kaulitz Look Like?

Just Google "Bill Kaulitz" and click on images/pictures and there's a abundance of pics of him. You can also go to the fanclubs and forums and look in the Bill-section. He has a fohawk at the moment.

Does bill kaulitz like british girls?

YES!! once in an interview he said he loved London and he likedenglish people and likes enlgish grils. he doesnt really wanta girl from Germany, but he did NOT say tha"omg totally NO for German girls" no but all he said is that the best is that if it's from somewhere else not Germany but it would be (MORE)

What kind of girls does bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz like?

they have both said many many times that as long as it's true love it doesn't matter. . i think that bill and tom (and every boy in the world) would like a good-looking girl .. what else? outgoing,funny,spontaneous (ou and yep ! needed smn with butt and curvy body). jk ! i love tokio hotel ! an (MORE)

The age of bill Kaulitz dream girl?

He always says age doesn't matter but he's said that for years now and at this age, 19, I don't think he would go for someone under 16. I think the less 13 years old he always says IT DOESN'T MATTER THE AGE!! He'd probably date someone 14 and up but he won't sleep with them.He also said age doesn' (MORE)

Does bill kaulitz hate fat girls?

No he doesn't hate any girls based on their looks (thinking about the stalkers here ^^) but he and the pothers have said that they are not attracted if she's too big. Doesn't really matter though since none of us is gonna end up with him anyway.

What does bill kaulitz dream girl?

Ok, when i say "me" or "I" i mean Bill because he said all this Height: 10 cm shorter than me Hair color: Black/dark colored hair Style: Little Miss Sunshine Personality: Uncontrollable Most important for her: Love *but she has to respect that Bill loves his music more than anything and that its th (MORE)

What kinda girl does bill kaulitz like?

the kind of girl that Bill Kaulitz likes can not be any girl, she have to be specially unique,has her own style,fun-loving,energetic,&with a beautiful soul,her looks don't matter to him very much,but he prefers a brunette,approximatively 10cm shorter than him,and has beautiful hands.

What is Bill Kaulitz looking for in a girl?

He likes a girl with a sense of humor, honest ,understanding , spontaneous. He takes his relationships seriously, so he's looking for a loyal person ,somebody to trust and love him, an unconditional love. To love him for him and not for his money or fame,he believes in love at first sight, so he doe (MORE)

What does Bill kaulitz want from a girl?

He wants a girl to have true love for him and he wants her to be for who she is ♥ . He mostly wants a girl with a good attitude meaning to be nice. . He really likes a girl that is sweet♥ . Thats all he wants from a girl♥ . But !TRUE LOVE! is most "IMPORTANT" to him♥ . He do (MORE)

Does bill kaulitz get teased for his looks?

Yeah, all the time, sadly. It's because he "looks like a girl". But he's straight and he says he doesn't care what people say. It's his looks that get him noticed anyway, so it's a good thing he's so out there. yes, unfortunately :'( Bill said that one time, i forget where he was, but the securit (MORE)

Did Bill Kaulitz have surgery to look feminine?

No. Bill Kaulitz only had one surgery that the public is aware of, and that was because Bill grew a cycst on his vocal chords, which made him unable to sing. After the operation, Bill Kaulitz was not allowed to talk for 12 days, and then had to go through 4 weeks of voice recovery. That was the only (MORE)

What type of girls bill kaulitz likes?

Bill's girl must have brown hair, can be a fan, and must have very pretty hands. No any haircolor will be fine according to Bill. He clearly likes blond girls as well if you look at the celebrites he likes. No one falls in love with a haircolor. Bill likes the energetic type,fun-loving,unique (MORE)

Who does bill kaulitz look like?

He looks a little like Natalie Portman with heavier make-up. Youthful, slim, dark-haired, white male, with a habit of wearing eye make-up, and often has his hair up emo-style (plenty of product and back-brushing).

Does Bill Kaulitz act like a girl?

he does to me, for example the way he talks with his hands is kind of feminine and the way he holds the microphone is very feminine. but he is still sexy!!! I

Can Bill Kaulitz meet girls?

He can, but it is very difficult due to paparazzi and fans following him around everywhere he goes. He usually stays home, or inside a hotel and when he does go out he always has body guards with him.

How does bill kaulitz like his girls?

Here are some answers from an interview he did (translated into English), although I'm not sure who interviewed him: -Height: 10 cm lower than me. I don't like the girls who's higher than me. -Haircolor: Dark hair: brown or black. -Style: Whatever, doesn't really matter, but she has to have the (MORE)

Can bill kaulitz love a muslim girl?

Bill will love any girl because he is not shallow he likes smart girls who are fit and not from his home country (Germany) he also likes it if they can play an instrument especially the piano because he wants her to teach him. OHHH and you DONT have to dress emo for him to like you!! He also doesnt (MORE)