What does CSM stand for in the army?

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It's a rank - Command Sergeant Major
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What do the letters in ARMY stand for?

The word ARMY was not intended to be an acronym for anything. Army simply means a group of men that are armed to fight other groups of armed men.

What does the Army SPOT report stand for?

According to Joint Publication 1-02 (JP 1-02) "Department ofDefense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms" as amendedthrough 15 February 2016, a spot report (SPOTREP) is

What does fire-watch stand for in the army?

In any kind of open bay housing, be it a structure or tent, at least one person will be up at all times (it's typically done in one hour shifts). This is a fire watch. Respons

What does standing army mean?

A standing force is an active force which is maintained not only during wartime, but during peacetime, as well.

How do you address a CSM?

Assuming you are referring to the U.S. Army or Marine Corps rank of Command Sergeant Major (CSM), you would directly address them as Sergeant Major. A Non-Commissioned Office