What does Cheryl Cole's tattoo on her hand mean?

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She said in an interview that it does not mean anything. It marks a new beginning in her life.
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What is the meaning of black hand tattoo?

Answer . Black Hand Tattoo's usually mean you are involved with criminals or an organization, the Black Hand means that you are strongarming someone or extorting money from them and if they dont cooperate they will be a victim and could possibly lose their life. BLACK HAND

What does tattoos on your hand mean?

It means your a tough guy/girl! All joking aside, it means that you wont be able to get certain kinds of jobs, eg banks, schools, most office jobs. But if your interested in getting your hands tattooed these jobs probably wont appeal to you in the first place. Probably!

What is the meaning of a star tattoo on the hand?

it means NOTHING. stop looking for meaning in all tattoos. many tattoos are simply whimsical and fun or aesthetically pleasing. they don't all mean things. also, different designs mean different things to different people. there isn't an end all answer. try asking the person it's on what it means to (MORE)

Meaning of X tattoo on hand?

It means the person is straight edge.. edit by lily, no it doesnt. if the x is across the hand, its straight edge which is against drugs and alcohal. but if the tattoo is between the finger and thumb, it means your a druggie. my mom and her friends got them when they were 16 about. trust me on this (MORE)

What is cheryl Cole's ethnicity?

well shes mostly british white, but ive read in lots of places dat shes got middle eastern in her frm her mum?! and ive also read it was greek. but i kno dat her dad is definitely full white.. her mum might not be full greek but she does have something else in her.not much though.

What is Cheryl Cole's daily diet?

She is said to eat a lot of food. There have been various different things that have shown what she eats. She is a vegetarian,and by looking at her tiny frame she doesn't eat alot!

What do Cheryl Cole's tattoos represent?

She has five tatoos A butterfly on her lower back a ring of roses leaves and musical notes around her thigh a symbol on her hand the words "miss c" on the back of her neck and a cheeky design on her bum!

What is Cheryl Cole's msn address?

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What is Cheryl Cole's personality like?

Cheryl Cole has a great personality and always tells the truth. This could be seen on The X Factor where she was a great judge and mentor. Her likeability helped her win twice with Alexandra and Joe. Cheryl also puts other people before herself. She is often referred to as the "nation's sweetheart". (MORE)

Who was Cheryl Cole's first boyfriend?

Not sure who was her first but some of her ex-boyfriends are Jacob Thompson, Steve Thornton, Jason Mack, Richard Sweeney, Cheryl was linked with Newcastle United players Keiron Dyer and Titus Bramble, and ex-Ultimate Khaos star Haydon Eshun, but she claimed they were all just friends. She has al (MORE)

What is Cheryl Cole's house number?

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What do Swallow tattoos on the hands mean?

Ex-Sailors of the British Royal Navy have a swallow tattoo on both hands above the thumbs as a symbol of a successful voyage. *my grandad was in the navy (UK) and he has a swallow on his hand in the soft spot near the thumb. he said it was to show speed of fist in a fight.. he also has an anchor (MORE)

What Is Cheryl Cole's Favourite Hobbie?

Cheryl's favorite hobbie is walking on the beach in the late evening in the heat of the summer. Also, she loves to shop, as she spends massive amounts of money on clothes each year.

What is cheryl Cole's weight?

She said she was eight stone and wanted to lose weight as she is reasonably small at 5 ft 3 but recently she has put on a little weight, she wants to lose it again :')

What is Cheryl Cole's past?

she grew up in Newcastle in north east England and did dancing at a young age then she went on pop idol the rivals i think it was called where she got into girls aloud

What is Cheryl Cole's favourite shop?

i think cheryl favourite shop is new look or topshop but I'm not sure it could be a shop i don't know about !! hope this helped and hope its correct just for you !! XXX

What is Cheryl Cole's family?

Joan Tweedy :) Mum Gary Tweedy :) Dad Joeseph Tweedy :) Big Brother Gillian Tweedy :) Big Sister Andrew and Gary Tweedy :) Younger Brothers

What is cheryl Cole's style?

If you mean her Music style it is POP. If you mean her Fashion style, She doesn't have a certain style. Just go with the flow.

Who are cheryl Cole's best friends?

Her best friend is her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh. You only have to search "Chim" or "Cheryl and Kimberley" On google to see how close they are, and Cheryl and Kimberley have said themselves that they are best friends :)

What is Cheryl Cole's favourite country?

I read in the Girls Aloud auto-biography 'Dreams That Glitter' that:. 1. weather wise Thiland, and the people are realy nice.. 2. she will always have a soft spot for Newcastle as that is where she grew up.

What does cheryl coles tattoo mean?

Cheryl Cole has a lot of tattoos on her body. People get tattoosfor many reasons as a form of body modification. The meaning to hertattoos having meanings that she knows about, and has decided tokeep for the most part personal from the public. For example, thenewest talked about tattoo on her hand, (MORE)

What is cheryl Cole's sister called?

Cheryl's sister is called Gillian. iv you want 2 no her oldest brover is called Joe and he is married, her next oldest brother is called Andrew, the Gillian then Cheryl and finally her younger brother Garry

Where was Cheryl Cole's best holiday?

Cheryl Cole's best holiday occurred shortly after she left Girls Aloud when she went inter-railing and backpacking around Europe with some gap year students. Happy photographic memories from this holiday are recorded in the "photo album" section of her personal Facebook account. Her least favourite (MORE)

What does 215 tattoo on hand mean?

Generally tattoos like this have gang affiliation. They are usually either the code for the town that they are from, or it means something to that gang. This is not to say that this is THE definition to the tattoo in question though. This also Means that You've been in Prison, And killed some body,

What does a scorpion tattoo on the hand mean?

There is no official meaning for a scorpion tattoo on the hand.This tattoo may hold a significant meaning for its owner because heor she likes scorpions or the tattoo was inked alongside afriend's.

Where does Cheryl Cole's mother originate from?

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the North East of England. Her mother's name is Joan Callaghan, who had been married before and had three children by her first partner. Cheryl was the first of her two children born to her second partner, Gary Tweedy- the couple never married, and seperated when Cheryl was 1 (MORE)