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What does China import and export from Japan?

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China imports electronic equipment and automobiles from Japan. China exports computers, circuits, and office products to the country of Japan.
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What are the Imports and exports of china?

Exports - commodities:   machinery and equipment, plastics, optical and medical equipment, blahhhhhhhh   Imports - commodities:   machinery and equipment, oil and min

What does china import export?

China's top import and export is machinery and transport equipment.  The second biggest import is non edible raw materials. The second  biggest export is power generation eq

What does Canada import and export to china?

There are several things that Canada imports and exports to China.  In most cases, Canada will import manufactured goods from China and  exports natural resources in most ca

What was chinas most important export?

Clothing and toys ===== The traditional export commodities are garments, shoes, textiles and furniture. China's exports of electronic products has grown. Per the Chi

What doews china import and export?

Import: Toys, lead paint, computer parts, household goods, copper, and raw cotton. Exports: Coal, honey, ore, petroleum, natural gas, antimony, and molybdenum. Your welcome. :

What is the major important and export of china?

China is one of the world's largest economies and the fastest growing market in the world. It operates a major system of imports and exports, proving to be a success by mainta

What does Australia import from and export to China?

Australia imports textiles and clothing from China because their workers are paid less, meaning they produce more of it. Meanwhile, materials like wool, lamb etc. are exported