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What does China import and export from Japan?

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China imports electronic equipment and automobiles from Japan. China exports computers, circuits, and office products to the country of Japan.
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Why did such a small number of US exports go to China and Japan?

The most logical reason for a small number of United States exports to Japan and China is that they could produce the same products at a severely lower price due to their lack

What does China export?

China has varied products to export - you name it - toys, electronic gadgets, home appliances, shoes, clothes, food products, seafood, body jewelry, kitchenware, bags and much

What does Australia import from and export to China?

Australia imports textiles and clothing from China because their workers are paid less, meaning they produce more of it. Meanwhile, materials like wool, lamb etc. are exported

What does Japan export?

Japan offers a great deal of electronics it is true but they also export many things like cars, building machinery and precious metals   it exports cars, computers, foo

Is Japan in China?

No. While they are on the same continent (Asia) Japan is a separate country and has never been part of China. However, Japan conquered parts of China for a brief time.

What does Japan import and export?

export - electronics, motorcycles, cars, sound equipment, food import - food, lumber, cars, oil, machinery, building materials

Major import and export products of japan?

  •Top 10 Imports (Japan from world) crude oil, textile articles, electronic components, computers, LNG, fishes and shells, audio and visual apparatus, nonferrous metals

What are the Imports and exports of china?

Exports - commodities:   machinery and equipment, plastics, optical and medical equipment, blahhhhhhhh   Imports - commodities:   machinery and equipment, oil and min

What things does China export and import?

They export things like machinery and equipment, textiles and clothing, footwear, toys and sporting goods and mineral fuels. Not sure about importing. :)

Why is exporting important?

Exporting refers to the process of shipping local goods to another  country for future sale or trade. It is important because it  diversifies sources of revenue, reduces dep

What is a import and export?

Importing is when a specific country brings in products from  another country.   eg: US gets a Japanese item from Japan.    Exporting is when a specific country gi

What is the situation of Import and export of Perchlorethylene in China?

On June 1,  the ministry of commerce issued announcement NO. 32, 2013, decided  to initiatean anti-dumping investigation against Perchlorethylene  on imports originating in