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What does eres de aqui mean in English?

it means are you from here ? (Also used as a statement)

Y de donde eres?

"And from where are you?"

What does eres de Cuba mean?

It means : Are you from Cuba?

What does hola nene de donde eres mean in English?

The correct spelling must be: ¡Hola, nene! ¿De dónde eres? --- Hi, baby! Where are you from? Otherwise, the meaning totally changes: ¡Hola, nene! De donde eres (...

How do you answer De dónde eres in Spanish?

You say "Soy de.... + the name of city or country you are from. Here are some examples for you.... "Soy de Francia"--I am from France. "Soy de Alemania"---I am from German

Eres de What does it mean in English?

Eres is a conjugation of the verb ser which is the verb to be. Eres is the conjuationj used when speaking towards a secondry person or group. De means of/from. It is used to