What does E1 mean on a starway split?

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Read the legend on the electric schematic, it will tell you what E1 is denoted as.
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What is mean by split AC and window AC?

Answer split versus window AC . \nSplit AC is usually whole house where the condensor is outside and the evaporater is in the furnance. Window AC is simply that where it is all in one unit for one or two rooms.

Where is the chassis number on a chunlan starway?

chunlan starway vim plate . it's on the vim plate which is located on the left handside of the cetre stand bracket. starways are also suppield with 'vim sticker' which can be stuck to any part of the scooter

What does split master bedroom mean?

It means that the master bedroom is at one end of the house (usually a ranch) with the children's bedrooms on the other end with the living spaces between.

What does it mean to split an atom?

\n. \n. \nWhen you split an atom, you create a nuclear fission. The energy from splitting that atom is converted to electricity.\n. \nTo split an atom means to literally "break it in half." An atom has a nucleus with negatively charged electrons around it. The reaction of the atom splitting is so (MORE)

What is e1?

e1 the basic data rate of communication in telecom( european ,india as well)... It is made up to 32 channels of 64 kbps PCM Time Slot (ISDN) each ... Time frame: 448ns Bit rate: 125us Bit no in 1 Time frame: 8 so E1=2048 kbps 0 and 16th channel used for synchronizing, remote access and m (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'Batch Split' on WikiAnswers?

'Batch Split' is a tool on WikiAnswers only available to Supervisors, in which incorrect alternate wordings to multiple questions can be split all at one time, instead of one at a time. 'Batch' is just another word for 'Bundle', or basically, a lot of questions, which is referred to as a 'batch' of (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'Split' on WikiAnswers?

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What is the paygrade for an E1?

E1 is the paygrade. The rank of an E1 is private, the insignia -- well, there is none, no stripes, no rockers.. Are you asking, "What is the pay received by an E1?" If so, the base pay of an E1 is $1347.00 per month.. You can look it up here: http://www.militaryfactory.com/military_pay_scale.asp

What is E1 card?

A card that is used to take in telecom circuits from service provider in Europe. In the US this would be a T1 card.. E1 cards have 30 channels each one capable of taking a "call".

What is e1 line?

In telecommunications, where a single physical wire can be used to carry many simultaneous voice conversations, worldwide standards have been created and deployed. E-carrier system, which is revised and improved version of the earlier American T-carrier technology.. The line data rate for E1 is (MORE)

What does the equator split mean?

The equator is an imaginary line that divides the world into two halves. It is also the boundary between north and south, each half is called a "hemisphere", one half being called the northern hemisphere, and the other half being called the southern hemisphere.

What does split the atom mean?

When an atom is broken down into its constituent subatomic particles, which are electrons and protons, and sometimes neutrons.

Which mental disorder means split mind?

That would be schizophrenia. If you were to take a look at the etymology of the word, you'd find that it's in fact a contraction of two Greek words: schizein ("to split") and phren ("mind"). So, the word schizophrenia could be somewhat literally translated as "split-mind."

What is the CSS Starway?

The CSS Starway is the Nathanator's sailing ship. He found this craft at a dock at 6:43 AM. He sa it and noticed it didn't have any clues of ownership, so he took it just as a group of pirates came out of McDonalds. They saw him and yelled so the Nathanator used his ice powers and froze them.

What does the superstition 'Don't split the pole' mean?

The superstition means that if two people are walking together and come to a pole, if one goes one way around the pole and the other goes the other way around the pole, it will bring bad luck. Both should go the same way around the pole together to avoid the bad luck.

What are E1 sales?

E-1, E-2 are the names of the forms issued for declaring that the goods are sold/purchased in transit. A detailed explaination follows: E-1 sales. In this 3 states/ parties are involved during the transportation of goods. And as per the state tax laws, upon entering each state, a central tax (MORE)

What does split e mean on flute?

Well, Split E is a special mechanism that makes jumping from second octave A to third octave E much easier! It is a great feature of a flute! It makes playing a lot easier and cleaner. Have fun Tutti Flutting On flutes without Split "E". LH3 (which operates the "G" tone hole) also closes the lower (MORE)

What does the phrase split hairs mean?

This means that someone is being really picky about details - ifyou split a hair, you're making a really tiny half-hair, so theimage is of the person being that picky to be sure that the tinyhairs are all in place.

What does splits mean in ballet?

The splits is a position that exists in many art forms as well as ballet. It means to stretch out the legs to get a full kick in the air with a 180 degree line.

What is an e1 in gsm?

e1 is a standard unit used to measure the amount of data flow. 1 e1 refers to 2mbps speed of data flow.

What is mean by E1 using in telecom?

E1 refers to the multiplexing and transmission technology of digital data over a pair of wires used by European carriers. When you have to send multiple digital data from different user/ sources over a long distance then you have to first multiplex it into a single data stream. This is multiplexi (MORE)

What is the meaning of E1 in telecom?

E1 is the European Standers for Telecommunication Transmission system. It contains 32 time slots. 1 used for signaling and 1 used for synchronizing, the rest 30 nos of time slots are used for traffic (voice/data).

What does E1 glue mean?

E1 is a rating of the amount of formaldehyde present. The measurements are obtained by using the Perforator Test Method. Here are the ratings: E0 .5 mg and 9 mg and 30 mg per 100 g of formaldehyde per 100 g of dry board.

Starway Oasis Hotel Guangzhou is it comfortable?

The Starway Oasis Hotel (Xingcheng Luzhou Dajiudian) is located near Pazhou metro station of Line 2. This Guangzhou hotel offers all year round free shuttle bus to the nearby Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center. The hotel offers various rooms, all equipped with free broadband i (MORE)

What does split sms texts mean?

Most of the mobile phones allow for text messages of 144 to 160 characters only. If you type a longer sms, it allows you to type it as one text, but the receiver gets it split into multiple messages. The breaking up of long texts that your phone does, is splitting sms text. Hope this helps. T (MORE)

Does schizophrenia mean split personalities?

Persons with schizophrenia do not have "split personality". Their illness is due to biochemical disturbance of the brain. The symptoms are as follows: - disconnected and confusing language - poor reasoning, memory and judgment - high level of anxiety - eating and sleeping disorders - halluc (MORE)

What does it mean to have split ends?

a split end is when a strand of hair turns into two. It looks like a upside down Y and it's very unhealthy. So 'to have split ends' means when a bunch of of your hair strands splits. a picture of a split end -

What does a split bedroom mean?

A split bedroom is where the master bedroom is located on one side of the house away from the other bedrooms. This offers added privacy and comfort. .

What is the meaning behind a javascript split?

The javascript split method, split(), will alter a string to make it into an array of substrings. This is useful if you would like to store each substring from the original string seperately.