What does E1 mean on a starway split?

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Read the legend on the electric schematic, it will tell you what E1 is denoted as.
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Where is the chassis number on a chunlan starway?

chunlan starway vim plate . it's on the vim plate which is located on the left handside of the cetre stand bracket. starways are also suppield with 'vim sticker' which can

What is e1?

e1 the basic data rate of communication in telecom( european ,india as well)... It is made up to 32 channels of 64 kbps PCM Time Slot (ISDN) each ... Time frame: 448ns B

What is the CSS Starway?

The CSS Starway is the Nathanator's sailing ship. He found this craft at a dock at 6:43 AM. He sa it and noticed it didn't have any clues of ownership, so he took it just as a

What is mean by E1 using in telecom?

E1 refers to the multiplexing and transmission technology of digital data over a pair of wires used by European carriers. When you have to send multiple digital data from d

What is the meaning of E1 in telecom?

E1 is the European Standers for Telecommunication Transmission system. It contains 32 time slots. 1 used for signaling and 1 used for synchronizing, the rest 30 nos of time sl
In Glue and Adhesives

What does E1 glue mean?

E1 is a rating of the amount of formaldehyde present. The measurements are obtained by using the Perforator Test Method. Here are the ratings: E0 .5 mg and 9 mg and 30 m