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14 karat electroplate for jewlery
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What does PW 14k mean?

The PW hallmarking indicates Palladium white, an alternative towhite gold. The 14K indicates the purity of the alloy.

What does 14k mean?

There are a number of meanings, common is Fourteen thousand when related to salary.

What does ob 14k mean?

Grandmas Platinum and sapphire bracelet looks priceless, but the OB 14k means that it is 14k gold "overband" or later known as electroplate or 14k GP for Gold Plated. Crushed

What does 14k H.F.B. mean?

14k means it is 14k gold The HFB is the name of the company that made the piece. I have a locket with the same engraving mark and it is from H. F. Barrows & Co.

What does this mean AK 14K Turkey?

AK is the stamp used by one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Turkey. It stands for "Atasay Kuyumculuk". It proves that the item is Real 14K gold manufactured by Atasay
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What does 14K TGP mean?

14kt gp just means its gold plated its not as valuable like real gold its basicly dipped in gold and 14 perecent of the metal is alloy
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What does cc 14k mean?

normally the letters cc means carbon copy (not aimed for you but a copy sent to you as well) and 14k means 14 thousand. however in a gold market it most likely represents 1
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What does 14K IG Mexico mean?

It means your jewelry (ring, earring) is made of 14 karats gold and has a I-G (clarity, colorless) diamond.