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In Spanish, it means "flowery", or "full of flowers. In the USA it means Florida.
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What does the name Florida mean?

  In Spanish, it means "flowery", or "full of flowers". Ponce de León named Florida "la Florida", in honor of Pascua Florida ("feast of the flowers") a Spanish fesival us

What does stacked insurance mean in Florida?

  Stacked coverage means that you may combine your coverage limits for each automobile insured under your policy.   For example, if you insure three cars and obtain sta

What is the meaning of the word Florida?

  Florida means "flowery" and was named so by Juan Ponce de León because of its discovery during the "flowery easter" season.

What does tenancy by the entirety mean in Florida?

Generally, and in Florida, a tenancy by the entirety is a special joint tenancy reserved for legally married people. They own the property with the unseverable common law righ

What does keys mean in Florida keys?

The word is also spelled cay and comes from the Spanish cayo. It means a low offshore island, often made of coral. My Muret-Sanders Encyclopaedic (and often Etymologic!) Ger

What does rest mean on your Florida license?

It means restrictions. If you have any restrictions on your license, there will be a letter next to the "rest." For instance, if you are required to wear corrective lenses, it

What does Florida no fault mean?

a judge in an American court makes the decision as to who is at fault for an auto accident. some states have "no fault" meaning in an accident all parties involved are given a